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Review: Crnkshft – Crnkshft

Oh yeah, this is like the music that appears in my dreams – along with a lot of other genres, however, this raucous, heavy, bone-shaking madness is top of the list and first track ‘Systematic’ just does the trick! It wraps its harsh melodies around your head never mind your ears and weaves its own turmoil. It’s catchy and solid and to be honest a track that should carry a warning of being very addictive as your fingers reach for the replay button yet again, to bask in its extreme pleasure bound twists that lock into your head and won’t leave you alone for a second.

Next track ‘Tears Me Apart’ leads you into a false sense of security as a large sigh can be heard at the start and then an almighty “Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!” overtakes with utter madness. Holding a superbly strong beat, powerful vocals, deadly bass licks and fabulous riffs as well as being drenched in an inescapable rhythm it is one track that is a real adventure. The compelling edginess draws you into its penetrating craziness and forces you to obey its grand master plan with ease. The sampled voice is a nice touch and although been done before by many bands this band make you feel you have walked on undisturbed ground.

With a deep and ravenous beating of drums, squealing guitar and swearing lyrics it gets underway, with impressive hunger for breeding more and more excitement into its mesmerising structure. Old Habits’ is one track that will be easy to teach the converted but will also sway the unconverted, due to its addictive flair, highly soaring and powerful riffs that torment with absolute fuelled agitation.

The final track on this wondrous EP is entitled ‘Breaking The Silence’ and if anyone can do that it is CRNKSHFT! The thunderous riffs simply slice through you but it is a painless experience and more a pleasurable one. The melodic rhythms just wrap themselves around you like a feather boa and yet the vocals remain steadfast on being harsh and unyielding, it’s a superb combination indeed. It leaves behind a lingering sensation like once heard never forgotten kind of thing as they know how to embed their musical magic where it belongs – and that is deep inside your head.

For an EP this has four very powerful tracks attached to it and demands your attention – Do yourself a favour and listen!!

Crnkshft’s self-tittled EP is self-released and is out now. 

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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