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Review: Empire Of Fools – Devil Inside

A new breed of what’s good about rock music; the collaboration of Cobbin/Pascall has resulted in a marriage of sounds, eclectic tastes and influences that create the solid foundations of a solid band.

For an alternative rock band, Empire Of Fools don’t sound too bad and can be compared to a few bands of the eighties; one that springs to mind straight away is Bon Jovi, who made their debut back in the eighties and were an instant hit, although they quickly went off the boil for me after ‘Living On A Prayer’.

Empire of Fools band

The guitar is exceptional with hard swipes of melodic tone and catchy chorus. Although it is very mainstream, it will no doubt appeal to the masses just as Bon Jovi did in their time.

The second track, ‘Higher Ground’, is a lot harder hitting than the previous track and sets the ears ablaze with a melodic twist and metal corruption that holds its own addictive qualities with compelling results.

The title track has a sneaky riff that expels a squall while the drum beat takes over and lays down a solid path on which the track lies. The clean vocal is pleasant and in keeping with the harmonious melodies contained within the track’s structure. Considering the track’s title, I didn’t expect such a beautiful sound to emerge. It’s vocally superb, it has to be said, and the soft tones lay on a bed of melodic enterprise. It’s an epic track that could win the band over for the rock and metal mainstream.

‘Hope’ is another compelling listen as the sounds melt, delicately coaxing, and flavour the track with pleasurable compulsion.

The final track starts off with a slow and thoughtful mood before a gigantic foot print is stamped all over it as it expands into a rapturous and volatile melodic transition, a transition that is powerful and makes the track an emotive force to be reckoned with.

I was initially impressed with the E.P, but it has grown on me with its catchy choruses, gigantic riffs and impacting beats, that set a precedent for the band’s next endeavour, which will no doubt have its twists and turns that are just empowering and forthright.

It is a journey that takes you in a few different directions – all of them leading to the same path – it is quite ingenious, albeit still mainstream rock; it possesses hard-hitting melodies and striking guitar riffs that haunt in abundance once the E.P gets going.

Another strong E.P. to be released 22nd September 2015.


Track List:
Down to Earth
Higher Ground
Devil Inside
Dirty Mind

Mark Pascall – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Steve Cobbin – Guitar
Dean Stevens – Drums

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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