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Review: Furia – Ksiezyc Milczy Luty

Listening to many new albums as I do from RAMzine, I always find myself reviewing more foreign bands, maybe that’s because I love hearing various languages sung to some of my favourite genres, not the fact I have to give Google Translate a visit, as half the time it doesn’t give a good translation but at least it points you in some sort of direction. I have always found learning a few words in a different language interesting, despite them being incoherent once they start to sing, but that’s just part of what makes foreign metal fun. To me anyway. But I do not take responsibility for the translations… if anyone wants to correct me and who is Polish please feel free to say your bit.

This doesn’t sound like your usual black metal at all, but I hadn’t heard of Nekrofolk until starting this review, so it is very difficult to define or pigeonhole. It is quite unique in its own right.  The vocals are deep and are spoken at the start rather than sung on ‘Zac ma w dym’ although then they do take on more of a dark melodic encounter half way through. Cialo has a carefree kind of ambience attached to it, or should that read hovering around it? The slow pace is gruelling and arduous but melodic until suddenly it cannot contain its rhythms and just explodes with a screeching guitar that sounds like it is in extreme pain. ‘Tam jest tu’ although showing signs of some melodic waves is quite a depressing track that just ambles through its paces, aloof and lacking that certain spark. ‘Grzej’ is a lot more upbeat and you could say hot. Displaying fuzzy guitar riffs, and strong bass licks which make the track more engaging. Vocally profound and moreish this track is superb holding great melodies. ‘Zabieraj lapska reverts to a marching beat and levelled riffs with a good strong hint of melodic rhythms and vocally intriguing. ‘Zwykle czary wieja again a pleasant but harsh rhythm is expelled from the speakers with a thunderous vocal entourage and closely ensuing are some powerful riffs.

In their hometown of Silesia, Poland I can see why the band have hit the grade, but unsure if they would be as successful in the UK, although their music is forthright and engaging it’s also quirky enough for people to get interested and listen.

Furia Ksiezyc Milczy Luty is released 29th December 2016 via Pagan Records.

Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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