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Review: Horned Almighty – World of Tombs

Originally formed in early 2002 by S. and Hellpig, both active in the extreme metal underground since the early nineties, the filthy ugly beast that is Horned Almighty was puked from the gutters of Hell initially as a duo. First intended as a side project, Horned Almighty quickly became first priority and shortly after the first primitive demo had been recorded, the drum-throne was seized by Harm. The music is intentionally written to destroy all boundaries on stage, crushing all doctrines and rules with their “Don’t give a shit” take on black metal, as a testament to all that is extreme!

Well we all love a bit of the “extreme” don’t we? most of all myself. I just can’t seem to get enough of it these days! So quite looking forward to nestling into my own little pit, turning the volume up to nose bleed level and revelling in a vat of molten metal fury! Let the carnival begin…


Well, the intro on this album is just a complete waste of ear-time and air-space to be perfectly honest. Just a few wisps of air, a lot of hissing, and little else really, although saying that it does sort of give out an air of expectancy, as to what is about be unleashed, so we shall see…

World of Tombs

Ah that’s more like it! Racked with a large slab of melody and a nice gnarly growl this track oozes a constant heaviness of the good old metal kind – what else? Spiced up with a sizzling guitar riff and a steady drum beat it hosts startling appeal and lures with ravenous intent.

Diabolical Engines of Torment

A determined flurry of madness prevails in yet more metal relentlessness which is just up my street! The rhythms have that perfect stabbing motion and give the listener a riveting encounter, washed down with a hearty guttural and volatile embrace – fast, furious and frenzied and then some!

Unpure Salvations

A slightly slower encounter although still rabid with luring appeal. It certainly sizzles the audial cortex to perfection and offers a lingering madness that is packed with melodic tenacity.

Scarlet Records

Plague Propaganda

Three words describe this – heavy as fuck! The ignition is set to explode with a potency fit for a nuclear bomb! Compelling and forthright with plenty of intensity! It is vocally raw and savage like, so much so, it has just caused a speaker to blow!

Of Flesh and Darkness

Menacingly bloody awesome! This rampages ferociously across the senses and is a musical battering ram, ready to take you to the ‘other side’ and you won’t even know how you got there! Feisty until the end!

In Torture we Trust Part II

This track will rip your ears completely from your shaking head! A true metaller’s way to die with dignity!! Extremely passionate it offers a rhythmic slurry that will wash over you and choke you with varying degrees of malice.

This Unholy Dwelling

And if you are thinking that’s it – think again! The infectious throaty growls are immense and feverishly scrape you from out of your comfort zone, which is emotive and emotionally draining in the most awesome way. The savage beats are absorbing and unrelenting – you can feel the rigamortis settling in nicely as your body tenses to the exacting infection.

Blessed by Foulness

As if the band haven’t done enough damage here to one’s failing audial canal – they insist on spreading further dark infection – testing and challenging the listener to further predation this is going to eat you whole, with its constant melodic swagger and deep incessant gnawing.

Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay

Deeper into the pit of lost souls, don’t expect to find yours! This is all empowering, infectious and evil. It holds plenty of hostile rage with menace, even the guitar is screaming for mercy!

I feel like I have been dragged into Satan’s pit and back into a worthless existence after experiencing this album.The intro I now feel was quite clever, because it gave nothing away and left you thinking shall I or shan’t I switch off? Although there is that sneaky demon sitting on your shoulder challenging you to sit back and shut the fuck up! Of course I listen to my inner demons and this one was apparently right!

This album is more along the lines of death rather than black as its sounds are more melodically appealing and more importantly keep you well focused and in the ‘zone’! It is certainly an enthralling and riveting listen and so impossible to ignore this superb album. It breathes very dark matter into the listener with its volatile gait, fluctuating rhythms and vicious sinews that tear relentlessly at the senses and ferociously attacks, however it also adds a deliciously thick spike of melodic potency.

So strap yourself in and listen up, the turbulent ride will be so well worth it! Horns high for the Horned Almighty!!!!

Horned Almighty ‘World of Tombs’ is September 1st 2014 via Scarlet Records.


Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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