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Review: Inire – Cauchemar

The first track is a bit of a dirge truth be known. It ambles, although be it in a slightly melodic vein with a gathering of sampled incoherent voices but appears to be just a filler. ‘Wide Awake’ however, really does open your eyes (and ears) as to what is hitting your head in some kind of psychotic outburst!

The ‘Next of Kin’ packs an unexpected punch to the jaw too! with potent lures and cantankerous riffage! Endless’ is a superb melodic swing with humongous rhythm that invades with catchiness and individuality. Eclipsing Wide Awake – ‘Crash’ surges with lively abandon, combining a steely vocal and thunderous, powerful drumming that demands attention in the highest degree.

The diverse twists for ‘Hell is us’ fair on take your breath away. Lulling you into a false sense of security, starting off soft and caressing it then takes a lunge with long steel talons that don’t treat you gently at all! The riffage is rife, and makes a solid impact! ‘Far from anything’ is another melodic wake-up call as it fires merrily with a rousing demeanour and eager to spread its catchy metal wings.

‘Let it die’ is hard hitting and vibrant making it another fierce encounter that’s devilishly devious. The heat is on as it’s engaged with a pace that’s so fast it blurs. ‘Lord of the Flies’ also starts off super smooth and the female sampled voice speaks in French so don’t ask me what she is saying.

‘Burn’ not to be confused with Deep Purple’s version, is another hot and fiery tempest with a kick like a mule! Having that catchy chorus and chugging rhythm makes it a winner. ‘Into the Labyrinth’ has an Eastern flavour going on and one would be forgiven if they thought they were in Kashmir. ‘Cauchemar’ moves quickly back to its deep heavy roots and pulverises with sonic fuel charged aggression! Its escapades hold a slight rap vocal which adds spice to the proceedings.

‘Just a Halo away’ I doubt whether these guys even know what a halo is, they seem firmly fixed on creating melodic havoc with devilish twists and no doubt have 666 tattooed across their foreheads in invisible ink. Well, they are full of surprises!

This has been a real romp in the dark. I certainly wasn’t sure about Inire from the off, but boy oh boy, they have so changed my mind!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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