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Review: Opeth – Sorceress




The beautiful opening on this album from ‘Persephone’ takes all your stresses and worries away like no tomorrow. It allows you to sit back and exhale and let the crisp notes flow through your mind like a cool breeze. ‘Sorceress’ is a long and winding progression of rhythms that are elasticized with teasing essences that are sultry and seductive, possessing an extreme addictive quality. ‘The Wilde Flowers’ is once again a seductive platter of melodic progression that snakes past the ears and caresses as it goes. ‘Will O the Wisp’ is a magical run of strings with great vocals.

Another relaxing track that you can sink into like a comfy armchair and wallow in its hypnotic individualism. ‘Chrysalis’ is a little heavier than the previous tracks just so you don’t rest on your laurels and is a powerful gallop with a distinct approach that establishes bubbling rhythms with forthright riffs. ‘Sorceress 2’ calms things down again and sends the listener into a state of sheer Zen as you listen to a voice that is like liquid gold just washing over you and refreshing the senses.

The Seventh Sojourn’ possesses a slight Spanish feel as the strings and drum beats together insight a rich melody and the bass also adds that special touch giving it depth and clarity.  ‘Strange Brew’ employs the chill factor as its swell of expressive rhythms gently lifts the soul, but it lives up to its name and is a strange mix as suddenly everything is turned on its head and it explodes into a rousing drama of irresistible waves. ‘A Fleeting Glance’ possesses plenty of sumptuous keys that lie on a sweet rhythm and simply glides towards its destination. ‘Era’ reminds me of all the hours spent on the piano as a child, practising chords, however, the mood suddenly changes and a rip-roaring drum beat looms large along with nagging riffs and sturdy bass hooks that make way for the final track ‘Persephone Slight Return’ which is another run of mellow keys with a female voice.

It’s definitely one chill out album that’s really easy to listen to being a backdrop of emotions and unabated glorious rhythms that soak the psyche in all sorts of psychedelic, progressiveness. Venturing into the unknown with fully infectious keyboard rhythms and imaginative riffs, driven with intense creativity.



Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
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