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Rotting Out – The Wrong Way

The LA hardcore natives Rotting Out are back with their new album The Wrong Way. The Wrong Way is the third album to be released by Rotting Out and is bursting with the traditional loud, heavy, angst filled songs from the hardcore-punk five piece.

The first song, and title track “The Wrong Way”, starts off with the sound of a skateboard similarly to previous album, Street Prowl. The skateboard quickly fades into the heavy, and recognisable, guzzling guitar and high speed drums that flow though out the new album. The in your face punk vocals, courtesy of Walter, are backed up by bassist Benji.

rotting out

Next up is “Blade of Rust”. Following the previous song, “Blade of Rust” is filled to the brim with angst, and anger, which is backed up by the hard bass line. Walters’ recognisable vocals reach high above the hefty instruments.

The third track, “One Last Kiss” on the album has a guitar riff that will shake the very foundations that your house stands

on. “One Last Kiss” is a brilliant presentation of how Rotting Out bring hardcore and punk together. Although instruments and vocals are similar to the previous album there is no complaining as it is evident of the new passion behind the music

Shortly following is “A Question”, which again starts with the sound of a skateboard but is swiftly lost in the powerful guitar riff. With pounding drums, killer bass line and unmatchable guitar riffs and solos, “A Question” is going to be crowd favourite when Rotting Out start to play these new songs live.

Track 5, “Stab”, is one of my favourites off of the album. Lyrically, “Stab” is one of the best songs that Rotting Out have written in the time they have been together about a boy who constantly watches domestic violence between his father and mother and isn’t standing for it anymore. The narrative way in which Walter shouts these lyrics is sure send chills down the back of any listener, “This is the turning point of a boy destroyed”.

Moving on to track 6 is “The Shoot Out”. “The Shoot Out” stands out among the rest of the songs on the album because of its choppy lyrics and bass line. Walters rough vocals are on point during this song, standing clear and loud above the chugging bass line.

Tracks eight and nine, “No Clue” and “Roots & Will”, are tied as second for my favourite song off of this album. “No Clue” demonstrates just how well Rotting Out can pull of hardcore, with a slamming bass line, quick drums and killer vocals. “Roots & Will” also shows the hardcore-punk crossover that Rotting Out do so well. With guitar riffs being played all over the fret board this song is bound to get the crowd moving.

“Bangarang” is one of The Wrong Ways slow(er) songs, but is still filled with the little quirks that make it a Rotting Out song. The powerful, angst filled lyrics are sure to leave a mark on any listener, “So can you blame me for finding peace on the road, when my whole life I was afraid to come home?” Like the previous album, Street Prowl, the album ends with a random guitar clip from a 50s song.

The Wrong Way is a clear proof of how far Rotting Out have come in since Street Prowl. Its evident that they have homed in on what they’re are best at and are using those musical devices to push their music even further. Every track from the album will surely blow the finds of fans listening, and with pounding drums, a heavy bass line, fast guitars and brutal vocals this album definitely leaves me wanting more. There is no doubt that this album will help Rotting Out to hold there spot as one of the best in the hardcore-punk scene, if not push them higher.

Rotting Out ‘The Wrong Way’ is out now via Pure Noise Records!


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