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How can new bands play MetalDays Festival?

We caught up with MetalDays organiser Boban Milunovic to find out how new bands can get on the MetalDays line-up! Here is what he said: “It’s really easy and it’s something that we do differently to other festivals. We had tried all sorts of band battles and online competitions and things like that, but all of that just didn’t work in ...

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Review: Hellcats – Warrior Princess

With song titles like ‘Viking’, ‘Proud To Be Loud’, ‘Demon Dreams’ and indeed ‘Heavy Metal’ itself you know this is rawk writ large with every lyric a mantra to some pagan guitar shredding deity or other. Full of clichés, you mean? Well, yeah, but – By the power of Greyskull – they hit the right spot, more often than not. ...

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