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Hello, my name is Alex! I am a musician with a music business degree which has given me the opportunity to study and enjoy all styles of music. I like to ride motorbikes and I am currently working on a solo album. Please feel free to leave comments on any of my reviews if you either agree or disagree. Thanks. Alex

Review: Bush – Man On The Run

British alt-grunge band Bush enjoyed success in the 90s until their split in 2002. Their first two albums ‘Sixteen Stone’ and ‘Razorblade Suitcase’, which housed great songs such as ‘Glycerine‘, ‘Swallowed’ and ‘Cold Contagious‘, brought forward the real fuzzy toned, bass heavy grunge vibe to Britain. Even their latest release of ‘Golden State’ found a way of showing that simple ...

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Review: Dirty Heads – Sound Of Change

At the same time that a kickstarter campaign to ban Nickelback from performing in London again, this is one artist we should be inviting over with open arms. Dirty Heads new album ‘Sound Of Change’ has 13 individual pieces of innovative genre blending class. Imagine if you will, coming into the office on a Monday morning, you feel like shit, ...

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