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I wish I could call myself a 'lifelong metalhead', but in all honesty, I listened to some real crap when I was younger. Hopefully with enough decent metal reviews to my name, and a ritual human sacrifice or two, I can make it up to Satan. Here's hoping. I'm Sam, by the way.
Crossfaith - Wipeout

Review: Crossfaith – Wipeout

We used to live in a world where 90% of the music you heard was from the USA or the UK. Now, thanks to the internet, we’re able to listen to and enjoy music from all over the world. Japan’s music scene in particular has had quite an impact on Western audiences in recent years, and among those bands absolutely ...

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Alestorm – Captain Morgan’s Revenge (10th Anniversary Edition)

Every day, a new metal subgenre is born. We’ve had everything from mathcore to pornogrind over the years, and it’s now been a whole decade since a group of rum-loving Scotsmen brought PIRATE METAL into the world. Captain Morgan’s Revenge was an album that should have made eyes roll, but instead it made heads bang. People such as myself often ...

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Code - Under The Subgleam

Review: Code – Under The Subgleam

Black metal is a genre often ridiculed by many in the metal community. It’s unsurprising, really, considering that a vast majority of musicians in the genre resemble what would happen if you set Gene Simmons on fire. But for every group of melting KISS rejects, there’s a band that truly elevates past the cliches associated with the scene, and becomes ...

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