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North East born, South West domiciled music lover - mainly heavy rock & blues but not averse to other genres. I'm fortunate to have retired early & I can now take full advantage of the 40+ years I have spent collecting, listening, watching & playing (badly) & have enjoyed researching how blues in particular has shaped the music we know & love today. Now if only I could get my Strat & Musicman to sound in reality how they do in my head!
Graham Bonnet Band Live in Tokyo

Graham Bonnet Band Live in Tokyo 2017

The question many will ask is ‘Do We Need another Graham Bonnet Band live album?’ Well, if you’re a devoted fan of many years like me, then a simple yes applies. I have seen him numerous times with numerous line-ups and as this has the talent that is Conrad Pesinato on guitar… one of the best Graham Bonnet has played with ...

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Half-Life show no signs of decay on EP ‘I’ve Got To Survive’.

Many bands earn their spurs playing covers in venues of, shall we say, questionable suitability. Been there, done that back in ’79 at Tudhoe Working Men’s Club. A similar path, but in Italy, was the starting point for Half-Life except for this band: formed in 2015 by Andrea Lippi (vocals), Guerrino Mattioni (guitar) and Manolo Cogoni (drums) and Gianluca Olraitz ...

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D-A-D show they are more than ‘Dad Rock’ with ‘A Prayer For The Loud’.

D-A-D began playing together in the early 1980s in Copenhagen, Denmark, under their original band name Disneyland After Dark, although it was quickly abbreviated in the face of the wrath emanating from the land of Walt. I kind of agree with the sentiment though. Mickey was always hiding a malevolent streak. They released their first EP in 1985 and are in ...

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The Rods invite you into the ‘Brotherhood of Metal’

It might be thirty-odd years since Dave ‘Rock’ Feinstein and the power trio that was -and is – The Rods first came to the notice of the music industry. Their latest album, which is the third since the 2008 reunion, suggests that time hasn’t changed them that much. Nor has time (or the press) allowed Dave to forget that he is the ...

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Ada Lea introduces prog to pop with ‘what we say in private’.

A conceptual pop album from a Canadian vocalist isn’t the usual sort of fodder for these pages, but Ada Lea has produced a record of rare imagery and a sound that is immediate and refreshing in its construction. Ada is a painter too and she certainly brings that regime to her compositions on this new album called (in lower case) what ...

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Perry Farrell is in Kind Heaven

Jane’s Addiction seemed, at their height, to be able to appeal to a broader spectrum of music fans than many of their contemporaries. Everyone loved ‘Been Caught Stealing’ even if they didn’t admit it at the time. Now their charismatic frontman, Perry Farrell has his first new material in almost a decade out on release. Called Kind Heaven it features Dhani Harrison ...

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Gasoline Outlaws return with Belfast blues album ‘Light Up The World’

Despite the name, Gasoline Outlaws are not American: in fact brothers Matt (vocals) and Chris Fitzsimons (bass), Adam Parkin (guitar) and Ryan Hood (drums) are from that hotbed of blues and blues rock -Belfast. The follow up to their first release, No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets is full of variation on the theme of rock. Riffs aplenty with some acoustic and ...

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Matt Pearce & the Mutiny impress with ‘Gotta Get Home’

The Voodoo Six main man has a different project: Matt Pearce and the Mutiny is the name he has given it because in his own words: “I felt disobedient… I felt defiant… And I felt like I had to mutiny,” following the end of a relationship. With a strong band behind him, he has moved more towards heavy, funky blues with ...

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Royal Republic

Royal Republic in Club Majesty

The fifth album from Malmo based rockers Royal Republic shows that the time away from the studio has been well spent. Club Majesty is the culmination of some serious work by Adam Grahn (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Hannes Irengård (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jonas Almén (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Per Andreasson (drums, backing vocals). Although the opener ‘Fireman and Dancer’ needs ...

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First Signal in the Line Of Fire

First Signal are onto their third album and show no signs of losing that melodic sheen that Harry Hess and crew are so good at. Their latest addition is Line Of Fire which is probably their best yet. Hess has a long list of recordings and achievements, not least with Harem Scarum. With this ‘new’ band however, he takes the ethos of ...

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