Raging Speedhorn performing at Bloodstock 2015. Photo by Mark Lloyd.

Interview: Raging Speedhorn at Bloodstock 2015

Cast your mind back to 2001 – metal and punk were coming back big style in the guise of bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne, Coal Chamber and, to some extent, Limp Bizkit. The UK scene had to make a move and it arrived in the form of Northampton sludge-core crew Raging Speedhorn. Originally the band called it a day in 2008 ...

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piss viper

Interview: Piss Viper at BloodStock 2015 (audio)

One of the best things about Bloodstock Open Air is they embrace new talent in the shape of their Hobgoblin New Blood stage.  One of the acts that stood out this year were Piss Viper – a Southern Rock – inspired metal band who formed mid-2014. You don’t get much newer than that! We caught up with the controversially-named five-piece ...

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RAMzine's Neale and Lottie join Lawnmower Deth at Bloodstock

Interview: Lawnmower Deth at Bloodstock 2015 (Audio)

You’ve heard of the wall of death, you know the circle pit of death, everyone has caught a crowd-surfing band member – but have you ever performed the hokey-cokey at a metal gig? If you saw Lawnmower Deth at Bloodstock this year, you know you have! After their surprise comeback in 2008, odd-ball thrash-metal legends Lawnmower Deth have been popping up ...

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Trivium. Photo by Mark Lloyd

Interview: Trivium at Bloodstock 2015

It doesn’t seem like yesterday we discovered Trivium’s breakthrough album ‘Ascendancy’, a decade later the Orlando metal band headlined the UK’s biggest heavy metal festival: Bloodstock Open Air 2015 . We caught up with the band’s guitar maestro, Corey Beaulieu, to talk about: arty videos, the Dio influence and the upcoming new album. How are you enjoying Bloodstock Open Air so far? ...

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Photo by Aaron Cope

Interview with Suicide Silence at MetalDays 2015

Victoria Purcell (VP) caught up with Eddie Hermida (vocals) and Mark Heylmun (guitar) of Suicide Silence at MetalDays Festival 2015. Amongst talking about the beautiful location of the festival in Slovenia, VP asks the band their take on the music industry today. They are keen to show their take no bullshit attitude on things. After their tour with Korn in the ...

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Hardcore Superstar

Interview with Hardcore Superstar at MetalDays 2015

Victoria Purcell caught up with Jocke Berg (vocalist) of Hardcore Superstar at MetalDays Festival 2015. Hardcore Superstar brought some flavor to MetalDays, playing a set that showcased more of a party vibe than any other band I had seen all weekend. You can really rock out with this band, as they promote feelings of debauchery and angst. The band have ...

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Photo credit: Anton Kovacic

Interview with Fear Factory at Metaldays 2015

Victoria Purcell caught up with Burton C. Bell (vocalist) of Fear Factory, at MetalDays Festival 2015 in Slovenia. Fear Factory have now released their 9th studio album Genexus through Nuclear Blast Entertainment. We ask Burton the meaning behind the album tittle, he tells us “Genexus [was] a word with no definition to it… so we created our own definition to it; we ...

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pink cigar

Interview with Pink Cigar

If you yearn for the days when rock ‘n’ roll had a little bit of a kick to it, you need to listen to Pink Cigar. With their swinging, growling riffs, and lyrics that drip with Soho sleaze, this 4-piece has just about everything that a rocker could need. Don’t get it wrong though: they’re no mere throwback. They’re live ...

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james labrie

Interview with Dream Theater at Metaldays 2015

Victoria Purcell caught up with James LaBrie of Dream Theater, prior to the bands performance at MetalDays Festival in Slovenia. We talk about the beautiful country of Slovenia – during MetalDays festival it was a at least 35 degrees everyday. James mentions that the band had previously played Slovenia during an ice storm! Amongst talking song durations, and the hallmark ...

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cut up

Interview with Cut Up

The towering compositions rage with an attention seeking attitude that suggests this band will not stop until they are where they want to be! And if that means pillage, and plunder then so be it! See our full review of Cut Up ‘Forensic Nightmares’ here. There is no escaping the brutal antics of Cut Up their name says it all ...

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