thunder mother

Thundermother – “We are five feisty, energetic, fun-loving girls!”

Stockholm’s premier all-girl rock ‘n’ roll outfit Thundermother are firing on all cylinders! Their album ‘Road Fever’ is selling well and they have been nominated for “Hard rock album of the year” and “Group of the year” by GAFFA. Although they have no dates yet confirmed, we can expect a visit to the UK soon from this terrific rocking 5 ...

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Black state highway

Black State Highway – Fireworks, Mystery Poo’s, and a bit of acapella!

Natalie caught up with the Black State Highway to discuss the next steps of their journey. HRH 9 was their last show of the year as the band return to the studio to start writing their new album which they hope to release next year. In this interview we talk to the band about their most embarrassing tour stories. We ...

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Pierre Carroz of Herod “We play every night like it’s the last time!”

Earlier this month i had the luxury of reviewing the Deathcrusher Tour with the legendary bands Carcass, Obituary, Napalm Death and Voivod performing. Along with them were an act as special guest named Herod, a prog-sludge band from. I was lucky enough to catch up with the guitarist and founder Pierre Carroz and sit down for an interview whilst sitting ...

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Interview: Kim McAuliffe of Girlschool

Girlschool are a British heavy metal band. They formed in 1975 in Wandsworth, South London and are named after the ‘B’ side of the Wings single ‘Mull of Kintyre’. Nowadays they are closely associated with their contemporaries, Motörhead. The classic line-up of Kim McAuliffe (rhythm guitar and vocals), Enid Williams (bass guitar and vocals) and Denise Dufort (drums and vocals) ...

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the picturebooks

Interview: Fynn Claus Grabke of The Picturebooks

The Picturebooks hail from Gütersloh in Germany, consisting of two musicians Fynn (Vocals/Guitar), Phillip (drums). They have been on the scene a lot longer than people would imagine, supporting the likes of The Answer earlier this year in the UK. They are now ona  headline tour across the UK, then off to Europe for another 60 dates. Their life revolves ...

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Photo by Mark Lloyd

Interview: Within Temptation at Bloodstock 2015

When it was announced that symphonic-metal icons Within Temptation were announced to headline Saturday at Bloodstock-Open-Air this year, it got quite a mixed response. BOA purists may remember they headlined one of the first Bloodstock festivals in 2005 (when it was still in-doors!) and others felt they don’t belong on the same bill as Rob Zombie, Napalm Death and Cannibal ...

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black foxxes

Black Foxxes – A sound that is maybe needed!

RAMzine caught up with Black Foxxes at Reading Festival 2015. The trio although fairly new have been gaining a lot of attention. In their words “we have a sound that is maybe needed, and people are picking up on that”. The band released an EP back in November ‘Pines’. Talking of the reaction to the EP Mark Holley (Guitar/Vocal)  tells ...

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Interview: Atreyu at Reading Festival

RAMzine caught up with Brandon Saller  (Drums/Vocals) and Porter McKnight (Bass) of Atreyu, prior to their performance at Reading Festival 2015. As RAMzine readers will know we caught up with the band in our June issue for an interview that looked in detail at the bands forth coming album ‘Long Live’. View June issue here. Reading Festival was a great ...

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John Humphrey seether interview

Interview: John Humphrey of Seether at Reading Festival

RAMzine caught up with John Humphrey (drums) of Seether at Reading Festival 2015, prior to the bands set. Seether have this year released their sixth studio album Isolate And Medicate, which is out now via Spinefarm Records. We talk about the bands most recent video for ‘Nobody Praying For Me’, which covers the topic of police brutality. The conversation the ...

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nameless ghoul ghost

Interview: A Nameless Ghoul of Ghost at Reading Festival

RAMzine spoke to a Nameless Ghoul at Reading Festival 2015, prior to the bands headline set on ‘The Pit’ stage. ‘Meliora’ is the 3rd album to be released by the band. The album has stormed charts across the globe having gone straight to number 1 in both Sweden and Finland, and landing at Number 8 in the USA, and top ...

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