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The Enid – Dust

Review: The Enid – Dust

Progressive rock was ever the musical playground for both genius and lunatic, and frequently both cohabiting at the same time. The Enid have often veered towards both extremes, never succeeding in reaching its dizziest of heights but, in their most recent ventures, increasingly finding a large, receptive audience for their compositions.  With their latest album, Dust, they bring to a ...

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Ben Poole – Time Has Come

Review: Ben Poole – Time Has Come

‘Square-jawed but vulnerable’, implies the cover photo for Ben Poole’s new studio album Time Has Come. Well that’ll pull a much more attractive audience than the sweaty-faced, pot-bellied codgers usually trying to look cool at most blues-rock gigs. ‘Lying To Me’ is a hard chorded strut with some twinkly lead, a fat organ entering the sound warmly as it will throughout the ...

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Stevie Nimmo – Sky Won’t Fall

Review: Stevie Nimmo – Sky Won’t Fall

A wave of feedback gives way to a strident mid-paced Bad Company-styled statement of intent, then, as you listen a little deeper, you’ll find there’s less machismo present in this deep, resonating voice as it proclaims a love that’s determined to be true on opening track ‘Chains Of Hope’. The steady chugging rock ’n’ blues ride of ‘Roll The Dice ...

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sixx am prayers for the damned

Review: Sixx AM ‘Prayers For The Damned. Vol.1’

The three rock ‘n roll musketeers, Nikki Sixx (bass), Dj Ashba (guitar), James Michael (lead vocals) known as Sixx AM, have released the first single, ‘Rise’. It’s from the first volume of their new album Prayers For The Damned, which comes out on the 29th of April via Eleven Seven Music. With Nikki having time away from the Motley Crue ...

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Review: Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky

So here we are, with the eagerly anticipated new album Kentucky by Black Stone Cherry. Straight out the gate, this album promises to be heavier than anything previously released by BSC. Starting with just the artwork, it certainly appears to have a heavier feel about it than previous albums. The guys have kept true to their roots by keeping the Southern feeling ...

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Dream Theater - The Astonishing

Review: Dream Theater – The Astonishing

The Astonishing is a two hour long concept album and is the brain child of guitarist John Petrucci, and its musical foundation is a close compositional collaboration between him and pianist Jordan Rudess. It’s not the first time that Dream Theater have delved into this type of release. In 2002, they released Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence. Although not strictly a ‘rock ...

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Killswitch Engage - Incarnate

Review: Killswitch Engage – Incarnate

Killswitch Engage are back! And boy are we happy about that. Its been 3 years since Disarm The Descent and since we saw the return of Jesse Leach. The burning question leading into incarnate was if they could keep the momentum going from its predecessor which was fantastic. The answer to that question is, yes! Yes they can! The journey ...

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Bardus – Stella Porta

Review: Bardus – Stella Porta

Bardus are a three piece band hailing from Philadelphia, having never heard of them and seeing the artwork for Stella Porta I found myself instantly interested. The artwork that adorns the album, the style their name is written, all of it just screams to the stoner/doom fan in me, so far so good. A quick look over to their facebook ...

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Review: The Glorious Rebellion – Euphoric

The Glorious Rebellion sounds like a cheery kind of name for a cheery kind of band, do not be fooled! This Orlando three piece are here to unleash an assault on your ears and they are not here to make friends or have a good time, at least according to their bandcamp page (they do also state no one, their ...

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Review: Double Experience – Unsaved progress

Double Exerience are most likely the only band in the world that are described as ‘Nerdy Neo-Rock’ but thats one of the many things that makes this band original! The Canadian band are soon to release their 3rd album Unsaved Progress, another album of 9 unique tracks for their fans. Their new album is upbeat and full of awesome tracks, ...

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