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ETERNAL FLIGHT, Retrofuture  

ETERNAL FLIGHT appeal to not just melodic power metal but also Prog Rock fans on Retrofuture  

For a band in existence since 2001, France’s Eternal Flight are not exactly the most prodigious of bands when it comes to making albums, with their latest, Retrofuture, being only their fourth release, coming after 2011’s Diminished Reality, Elegies and Mysteries (also known as DREAMS). Musically, Retrofuture comes over as a mix of the traditional hard rock of bands such ...

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GALACTIC COWBOYS, Long Way Back To The Moon

Galactic Cowboys return after nearly 20 years with Long Way Back To The Moon

Back again after an almost twenty-year absence comes the Galactic Cowboys with a new album, one which features all four original members of the band. Not too many bands wait so long between albums but the Galactic Cowboys found themselves in a situation whereby they were caught between two polar opposites. Initially signed to Geffen, they were heralded as the ...

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IAmFire, From Ashes 

IAmFire packs one hell of a punch with debut From Ashes 

From Ashes is the debut released from Danish based stoner rock band IAmFire and, evidently, was recorded as far back as 2014. I’m unclear as to why the delay between the recording of the album and its eventual release, but the band cryptically say “life is not always a day at the races. We’re extremely pleased to have been able ...

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August Burns Red return with a refreshed heaviness on Phantom Anthem

The seventh album from August Burns Red is undoubtedly their most ambitious to date. The 11 tracks that make up Phantom Anthem are unlike anything they have produced before, and while overall that offers something new and shows intent to play around and attempt to remould their genre, it does have its flaws. The positives are immediate. There is a ...

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Security Project - CONTACT

Review: Security Project – CONTACT

Featuring former members of King Crimson, post-punk band Shriekback  and Jerry Marotta, who played drums on Peter Gabriel’s first five solo albums, Security Project have returned with a new vocalist and another collection of live tracks. Taken from recent shows in the US and Japan, the album largely features reworkings of Peter Gabriel’s seminal early solo material, with the exception ...

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Even before listening to this album, there’s a tinge of sadness involved because, soon after the album was completed, Virgil Howe, son of Yes guitar legend Steve Howe, died on September 11th, aged only 41, from an as of yet unexplained cause. As well as the new album with his father, Virgil Howe was due to begin a nationwide tour ...

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STORMBRINGER - Born a dying breed

Review: STORMBRINGER – Born a Dying Breed

Stormbringer are a band from Northants who’ve been making waves at gigs for a few years and building a name for themselves in the process. Their 2013 debut album, MMX111, was a mix of classic rock and heavy metal with a contemporary edge, which brought the band to the attention of fans. Since then, they’ve played at prestigious gigs such ...

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Broken Witt Rebels - Debut Album

Review: Broken Witt Rebels – Debut Album

The darlings of a certain UK ‘Classic’ Rock station release their eponymous debut album, Broken Witt Rebels in late November. This 10-track CD combines the six songs from the Birmingham band’s two most recent EPs – Howlin‘ and Georgia Pine – with four brand new numbers. Their sound is soaked in heavy blues mixed with a dash of Americana, so it’s worth ...

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TARJA .. From spirits and ghosts

TARJA – From spirits and ghosts (score for a dark xmas)

Since leaving Nightwish under a cloud in 2005, an event which even saw the Finnish Prime Minister being asked his opinion about it, Tarja Soile Susanna-Turunen Cabui (Tarja to her fans!) has operated largely as a solo artist. On this her latest album, she’s come up with her own fascinating and intriguing take on some very traditional Xmas tunes. There’re ...

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BROWN ACID - The Fifth Trip

BROWN ACID – The Fifth Trip

Another release from the always reliable Brown Acid series, ten more slices of the weird, the wonderful and the occasionally quirky. If the digital revolution has done only one good thing, it’s helped make accessible many previously unheard of bands who’re now finally getting to see their music made available to a wider audience, rather than simply be the preserve of ...

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