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Red Dawn - Algorithm of Destruction

Review: Red Dawn – Algorithm of Destruction

Red Dawn is a death-metal band originally from Rennes in Brittany. Created in 2013, the training consisted of Thomas on drums, Val bass, and Nours on Vocals. While the guitars are executed by Flo and Chris. With influences as The Faceless, Necrophagist, Decapitated, Aborted or Gorod, the group officiates in a decidedly brutal and technical style. The guitars with fast ...

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Review: Red Spektor – Red Spektor

Red Spektor Red Spektor is to be released 29th May 2016 via Kosmik Artifactz It seems as if Black Sabbath created more than just metal when they lured everyone in with their heavy deep grooves that were doom laden and deceptive. As stoner was created from it, although mixed with psychedelia and blues it becomes something else entirely. These three ...

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ARCHITECTS - All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

Review: ARCHITECTS – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

These are uncertain times. A theme prevalent across Architects latest album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. The seventh studio release makes a new stamp on a genre Architects were so instrumental in building. Bringing new levels of depth, heaviness and unsettling darkness to what many consider a stale genre. Everything about this album deserves your attention. A beautifully worked ...

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Review: ZOAX – ZOAX

Last year, I went to a fairly low-key festival in Petersfield, called Butserfest. Researching the acts beforehand, I came across the name ZOAX. Their repertoire on Spotify was limited – just two EPs – so I started with XIII (2014). ‘Bitter Angry Fake’ jumped forth from the speakers and within those first few seconds, I was gripped. There was something reminiscent of System Of A Down, ...

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Review: Discharge – End of Days

“Make noise not music!” is a great way to describe these hardcore punks who formed in the dark distant past of 1977 in Stoke on Trent by Terence “Tezz” Roberts (vocals) and Royston “Rainy” Wainwright (guitar) and still making waves despite a lot of line-up changes, however their music is still close to the bone and is more than capable ...

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Review: Braindamage – The Downfall

Futurist, abrasive and visionary. We play music in the best Avantgardish Metal tradition of VOIVOD and KILLING JOKE, appealing to the modern-ish last decade’s growing Post-Thrashy audience. You’ll get a dramatic avveniristic musical experience, a real futurist dissonant Post-Thrash Metal. Wait for something really shattering and upsetting! Italian foursome Braindamage have released their 10 track album The Downfall, although a ...

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Review: Bright Curse – Before the Shore

Deep, dark, hypnotic and addictive, Bright Curse evolves in the Heavy – Psychedelic scene represented by great bands such as Tool, Witch, Sleep…! From the off Bright Curse pound the frets with some bubbling psychedelic ambiance that hits with a melodic edge. The vocals are all-slurring and emotive in every sense of the word. The distinct Psychedelic consistency broods with ...

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Robin Trower

Review: Robin Trower – Where are you going to?

Robin Leonard Trower born 9th March 1945 in Catford, East London, achieved success with the highly acclaimed Procul Harum during the 1960’s and then later with his own band. Well known for his blues/rock guitar exploits and associated with a hosts of famous names such as Ronnie Montrose, Cream, and Jethro Tull to name but three. Trower has produced an ...

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Review: Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional

Hatebreed are back! And what a return we have here. Fresh of this years Impericon Festival that saw the band headline 9 dates across multiple countries including London, The Concrete Confessional is Hatebreed’s seventh studio album which is sure to please fans old or new, in fact one of the best things about this release is that you don’t already ...

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Bedowyn - Blood at the fall

Review: Bedowyn – Blood at The Fall

As this album begins its harrowing journey into a world of bedlam, I can clearly see I have made the right decision to review this. It snakes and veers in a twisted motion that although is only an introductory track lasting one minute seventeen seconds it really does make its mark! The next installment ‘Rite to Kill’ is a good ...

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