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Escape is not Freedom - Goldsmith

Review: Escape is not Freedom – Goldsmith

I had a feeling before this music began playing that this could be a little overwhelming and so far I haven’t been proven wrong. It takes a while before the vocals kick in and with nothing overly special to make them memorable, however, the music tends to take you away from any source of vocal infringement and delivers the hugest ...

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Code Orange - Forever

Review: Code Orange – Forever

Dark, intense, foreboding, caustic. These are only but some of the adjectives that can be used to describe the sound of Code Orange – arguably Pennsylvania’s most deadliest hardcore crew. Throughout their career they have released music that has been nothing short of nerve-shredding. Admittedly, one did describe them as a ‘baby Converge’ a couple of years ago when first ...

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The Brood - The Truth Behind

Review: The Brood – The Truth Behind

I have my work cut out here picking an album with 15 tracks of hardcore grind (a genre that is close to my blackened heart). Love is the feeling it gives off as it strides into view and smashes your ears to pieces. First track ‘Incubation’ is really dark and brooding as it swipes heartily and aggressively. However, it has surprised ...

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Ashenspire - Speak not of the Laudanum Quandary

Review: Ashenspire – Speak not of the Laudanum Quandary

There’s an awful lot going on here, mainly the sounds of something brewing and then exploding into a glorious void of blackness, however, it is a whirlwind whichever way you look at it and of course, quite intense. Although, vocally it sounds like Alasdair is singing something different other than to what the music is playing. The violin is prominent ...

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White Light Cemetery – Careful What You Wish For

Review: White Light Cemetery – Careful What You Wish For

White Light Cemetery I’ll admit, I had never heard of at the time the album was available for review. Described as ‘Southern brother-dudes, cranking out dirty metal and corrosion steel’. Well, with a description like that, what could have been better for to ease my post-Christmas/New Years hangover? The down side is, it hasn’t eased the hangover blues, thankfully it ...

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Nicole Sabouné - Miman

Review: Nicole Sabouné – Miman

If music is a product of environment, then presumably Nicole Sabouné grew up clinging to the side of a mountain in her native Sweden. Laughing as the Fellowship was repulsed by the snows of Caradhras. In other words, it was bloody cold. Her second album, Miman, is a dark and beautiful beast. Feeling almost like it has stepped out of ...

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Review: Scenario II – A New Dawn

Beginning with Darkest Hour you are in fantasy land, sounding as epic as the track furthers. There’s an element of ambience and total surprise as a voice seems to appear over radio waves. Accompanying it are the most tribal drum beats which follow on introducing the next track, ‘A New Dawn’. Suddenly more surprise follows as a gruff voice seems ...

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Boris the Blade - Warpath

Reviews: Boris the Blade – Warpath

The axe has spoken in such melodic tones it’s difficult not to get wrapped up in it and bathe in its cantankerous ramblings, which seems the order of the day. Despite being written on New Year’s Eve, this kind of metal says “Enjoy the New Year, or be damned!” The love affair that I have with metal of this calibre ...

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Review: Deathless Legacy – Dance with Devils

Like with a good horror movie, this keeps you gripped with evil and demonic keyboard chills that run the full length of your spine and leaving it feeling like it will shatter with the arctic frost that has now engulfed your body. There are certainly a lot of satanic vibes going on here as the second track gets into full swing. ...

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Review: Warcrab – Scars of Aeons

A while back, Warcrab dropped Scars of Aeons, a 5-track master class in death metal. In a period where we have seen so many high-profile bands release some great (and not so great) albums, it is great to see the lesser known bands not only keeping up but in this case, surpass the releases of those big ones.Scars of Aeons by ...

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