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Blues Pills - Lady in Gold Review

Review: Blues Pills – Lady in Gold

Imagine a band that sounds like a cross between Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Starship – that is Blues Pills. They boast a singer who could reasonably be compared to Janis Joplin or Tina Turner, were it not for her ability to dive down the contralto range of an ice-cool voice to ‘how long can it go?’ depths, like Cher. The ...

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Review: One for Sorrow – Blood Songs

The very impressive ‘Underfoot’, with impressive vocals that contain real grit and power, can be described as giving a mighty kicking by a size 12 hobnail boot! ‘Return to Dust’ forges new crevices along a path that steadily turns into deep ravines.; the meaty, metal chugs are colossal and plentiful. ‘Headstrong’ surges into the limelight all guns blazing on a raft of monumental ...

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Barb Wire Dolls - DESPERATE

Review: Barb Wire Dolls – Desperate

To say that the past year has been a mixed bag for the world of alternative music is a bit of an understatement. For all the fantastic new records and live performances that have overloaded our collective senses, we’ve witnessed the passing of some of the most influential and legendary figures the industry has ever produced. Perhaps the greatest of ...

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Review: 9Electric – The Damaged Ones

9Electric are soon to release their mega 12 track album The Damaged Ones, and what a sound they have produced. At the start of this album you can clearly hear a sensational vocal array that blends with some catchy rhythmic slabs of anthemic rock. The pulsing programming on opening title-track really boosts the track and is a gripping encounter that’s hard ...

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Aeges – Weightless

Review: Aeges – Weightless

With no nonsense, Aeges (ÆGES) launches deafening riffs that ooze with captivating spirit. Weightless bears witness to the band’s creativity and emotional endeavour; its fierce appetite pushes the boundaries with more than just a nasty riff, but with energetic beats that pulverize in crushing dynamics. ‘Save Us’ gives us a very individual experience of mellow vocal and musical content, being rich in captivating ...

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Carnifex - Slow Death

Review: Carnifex – Slow Death

August 5th isn’t a date that will stick in your memory unless it is your birthday, but it may stick in your memory if you love modern death metal. For this is the day Carnifex release their full length album Slow Death. Slow Death by track: ‘Dark Heart Ceremony’ – The opening track simply broods and festers literally exploding with ...

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Review: Palace Of The King – Valles Marineris

Last year, Australian rock n roll sextet, Palace Of The King, released their debut album White Bird/Burn The Sky. It was full of anthemic, feel-good tracks and was one of my favourite releases of 2015. Just a year down the line, we get their second instalment, Valles Marineris. Kicking off with that old-school organ sound and dropping into a tasty ...

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Dan Reed Network – Fight Another Day

Review: Dan Reed Network – Fight Another Day

Between the late 80’s and early nineties the Dan Reed Network started drawing attention for their blend of rock and funk, a multi-racial band as were Sly and The Family Stone and Mothers Finest before them who ploughed a similar field of musical cross-fertilization. A cursory hearing of their past work finds popular entertainment acts Bon Jovi and Prince as ...

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Review: Blink-182 – California

Twenty-one years since the release of their debut album, ‘Cheshire Cat’, a lot has happened in the Blink-182 camp within recent years. With 2011’s Neighbourhoods showcasing a more ‘mature’ sound for the trio known for their dick jokes and music video nudity, many listeners were pretty torn on the release. The problem is, when you hit an age where you’re ...

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Review: A Devil’s Din – Skylight

A Devil’s Din confess to being influenced by late sixties psychedelic music and early seventies prog. A band ripe for those currently imbibing on such retro sounds to check out then? Well, while early King Crimson is evoked in the latter part of title track ‘Skylight’ and Barrett-era Pink Floyd felt on the scary acid trip of ‘Never The Same ...

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