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Long Distance Calling - Boundless

German post-rockers Long Distance Calling release Boundless

I’m sure there are many words German post-rockers Long Distance Calling would hope to have their album described as, ‘pleasant’, I imagine was not one of them. Yet that is the best word to describe Boundless. It in no way challenges the boundaries of musical achievement. It just trundles along at a steady, if unremarkable pace, never really gathering enough ...

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H.E.A.T – Into The Great Unknown

A returning guitarist, a new record label and the intent to make an album with a new creative spirit expanding upon the melodic rock template that’s served these young Swedes well is what led to creating H.E.A.T ’s latest album. And is it different? Yes, and no. Dave Malone (or Sky Davis to give him a nom de plume) on ...

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Brian Fallon

Brian Fallon set to release a stunning collection of blues, rock and punk

Former guitarist/vocalist of The Gaslight Anthem, Brian Fallon, returns with his second solo album; a stunning collection of blues, rock and punk that flow in a beautiful narrative that is impossible not to be caught up in. It could be argued that there is perhaps little by way of growth from the days of The Gaslight Anthem, but this is ...

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Brighton four-piece Harker set to release No Discordance

Why is it that so many of the modern generation of the punk-rock/emo vocalists sound like they’re in dire need of a throat lozenge? No, this is not a criticism of the genres or any acts that fall under that banner, merely a casual observation. Right, now that we’ve got that moment of pondering out of the way, it’s time ...

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Alestorm – Captain Morgan’s Revenge (10th Anniversary Edition)

Every day, a new metal subgenre is born. We’ve had everything from mathcore to pornogrind over the years, and it’s now been a whole decade since a group of rum-loving Scotsmen brought PIRATE METAL into the world. Captain Morgan’s Revenge was an album that should have made eyes roll, but instead it made heads bang. People such as myself often ...

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Robert J Hunter

The Robert J Hunter Band new Self Titled Release

Robert J Hunter hails from the Channel Islands, Alderney to be precise. Unsurprisingly he is now based in London, as his home Island is only 3 miles long, 1.5 miles wide and a population of around 2,000. His latest release, The Robert J Hunter Band, follows a busy year of gigging across the UK building up a healthy following of ...

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Ozone Mama Cosmos Calling

Ozone Mama’s Cosmos Calling roots in rock of the late 60’s and early 70’s

A Hungarian band with two albums already under their belt, Ozone Mama are set to increase their profile and their following with the latest release, Cosmos Calling. The band members Márton Székely (vocals), András Gábor (guitars, vocals) Gergely Dobos (bass) and Máté Gulyás (drums) have put together a range of songs, which clearly have their roots in the rock of the ...

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Steve Hill – Solo Recordings Volume 3

One man band Steve Hill hails from Canada, but you may have caught him supporting Wishbone Ash’s Martin Turner late last year. If you missed him, he’ll be back this way again in May as special guest on King King’s latest round of concerts and selected dates with Danny Bryant. It’s most likely a sight worth seeing: multi-tasking by playing guitar, ...

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white wizzard

White Wizzard’s Infernal Overdrive – True, unabashed, traditional heavy metal in its purest form

Infernal Overdrive sees metal stalwarts White Wizzard return with their fourth full-length album, their first since 2013. With the return of former members, singer Wyatt ‘Screaming Demon’ Anderson and guitarist, James J. LaRue along with a new record label, this latest release comes at a time of significant change in the band’s career. However, any feelings of trepidation fans may experience ...

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Funeral Shakes

Supergroup Funeral Shakes Release Debut Album

“When would you ever want to hear a song about people who’ve lived happily ever after? Never! You want to listen to the negative stuff, all wrapped up in a happy tune.” Funeral Shakes guitarist Simon Barker comes straight to the point when it comes to discussing the themes that the new outfit’s debut album and we’re not fully sure whether we agree with him ...

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