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Inculter release eight blackened compositions in the form of Fatal Visions

The Norwegian thrash metal squadron known as Inculter made waves in the underground a few years ago by means of their impressive and memorable debut offering entitled Persisting Devolution, and it is no secret that this writer was quite curious as to what the follow-up would sound like. It is with great pleasure to announce that this fist-pumping new opus ...

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Jetboy were Born To Fly

Founded in 1983, Jetboy first came to my attention with the brilliant and rocked up version of the Johnny Cash tune ‘Folsom Prison Blues’. How time flies, as we now have their ninth offering, Born To Fly, albeit after a wait of around twenty years. The current line-up features the two original guitarists Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod and longstanding cohort ...

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Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot live for One Night In Milan

Most people inevitably equate Quiet Riot with the late, lamented wizard Randy Rhodes… unsurprising perhaps, but also a little unfair to the current band who have been recording high quality rock for a number of years. With Frankie Banali (Drums), Chuck Wright (Bass), Alex Grossi (Guitar) and James Durbin (Vocals) their star is obviously in the ascendency again, as they ...

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Krishna Peri

Krishna Peri spins the Cyclotron

Originally from Visakhapatnam, India, the now Texas based Krishna Peri is a guitarist of some experience having spent over six years playing with cover bands of various hues. Now going solo in order to put the many ideas he had percolating onto tape. He assembled a few musicians to help him… namely Marcus Shammah on bass, Noble John (sic) on drums, Joy Soloman ...

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Kane Roberts

Kane Roberts explains The New Normal

Guitarist Kane Roberts first came to my attention as part of Alice Cooper’s band for his ‘rebirth’ albums Constrictor and Raise Your Fist…  I was impressed enough to buy his first solo album Saints and Sinners (I still have the cassette stored somewhere after burning all of my vinyl and tapes onto CD). For this new album, he has called on numerous ...

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Tim Bowness’s Flowers At The Scene – His most powerful and strongest solo album to date

Using a propulsive backdrop of art rock, heartbreaking ballads and quirky pop tunes, Tim Bowness has delivered a new album of eleven diverse and concise songs. Each with cinematic storytelling and disarmingly confessional lyrics, containing all the inventiveness found in the musical projects Bowness has previously been involved in. To his fanbase, Tim Bowness, an English composer and musician, is ...

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Dr. Awkward & The Screws

Dr. Awkward & The Screws – Gettin’ out of Style

While the lyrics and vocals on the new Dr. Awkward & The Screws album, Gettin’ Out of Style have their moments, what really steals the spotlight on this album are the long instrumental riffs that provide serious opportunity for headbanging until you get dizzy. The song names on Getting’ Out of Style may make you think you’re in for some of ...

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Beast in Black

Beast in Black are back with From Hell With Love

Grab your leather jacket and sunglasses because Helsinki power-metal five-piece Beast in Black are back! For the uninitiated, Beast In Black was founded by former Battle Beast guitarist Anton Kabanen in 2015 after he unceremoniously departed ways with his former band mates. Beast in Black follows up their debut album Berserker (2017) with sophomore effort From Hell With Love scheduled ...

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Finnish doom trio Asphodelus release Stygian Dreams

Asphodelus in their own words create “death doom for the lost souls”. They harbour clear influences from heavyweights such as Katatonia and My Dying Bride, whilst drawing inspiration from the gloom and darkness of British death/doom, the macabre and mysterious history of an ancient Greek cult and the “masennus” or depression of 90’s Finnish death metal. Despite pulling from such ...

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Tobias Sammet’s AVANTASIA set to release Moonglow                    

Avantasia (an amalgam of Avalon & Fantasia, said to mean a world beyond human imagination) is a German supergroup metal opera created by Tobias Sammet. The sometime vocalist with Edguy follows up 2016’s Ghostlights album with yet another album full of musical adventure, entitled Moonglow.  Sammet says “I believe this is the most unadorned and detailed work we’ve ever produced. Avantasia ...

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