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Review: Crnkshft – Crnkshft

Oh yeah, this is like the music that appears in my dreams – along with a lot of other genres, however, this raucous, heavy, bone-shaking madness is top of the list and first track ‘Systematic’ just does the trick! It wraps its harsh melodies around your head never mind your ears and weaves its own turmoil. It’s catchy and solid ...

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me and that man

Review: Me and That Man – Songs of Love and Death

Side/solo projects can be a risk for established artists. It’s always interesting to see a musician take a different approach to their self-expression, or the therapeutic outlet they seek through creativity, but mostly, the results can be somewhat disappointing. Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski of Behemoth fame found new levels of astonishing emotional depth with 2014’s extreme metal masterpiece, The Satanist – ...

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Michael Schenker Fest Live

Michael Schenker Fest Live Toyko (2 CD + DVD)

‘Searching For Freedom’ plays over the PA over and the Japanese audience rises and politely as cameras roll around the impressive looking International Forum on the evening of August 24th 2016. Then like some Teutonic trickster god transported into the heart of the rising sun Michael Schenker stands before them centre stage, arms raised as he calls out “Hello, Toyko… ...

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Danny Worsnops

Danny Worsnops venture into Outlaw Country has matured effortlessly

From Hardcore to Rock ‘n’ Roll and now Blues, Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot frontman Danny Worsnop has taken to his new musical venture like a fish to water! The ever eclectic musician has delivered an album of raw, emotional songs about personal highs and lows during his successful career via his solo debut album ‘The Long Road Home’. Even (only) ...

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davey album

Review: Davey Suicide – Made From Fire

Over the past year or so Davey Suicide himself has been battling with his ex-record label over many issues, so it’s a huge achievement this album was finished and released successfully. Davey is a living example that persistence pays off. Davey and the band know the fans want more music – Davey and the boys don’t fail to deliver. Even ...

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Comaniac - Return to the Wasteland

Review: Comaniac – Return to the Wasteland

It isn’t typical thrash, at least not vocal-wise and there are some strange whisperings and unusual sounds embedded into the track ‘Coal’ with fantastic biting riffs and rhythms that make it a pleasant listening experience. ‘Suborned’ is very typical of its genre in places as it races away taking pleasure in skimming past the ears at a rate of knots. ‘Bow ...

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Cut Up - Wherever they may rot

Review: Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot

So here we are again visiting Sweden, the masters of music whether pop or grind they have all aspects covered. First track ‘From Ear to Ear’ is a bold and arduous stomp that doesn’t mind using its size 14’s to batter and bruise the ears as well as the body. ‘Necrophagic Madness’ spreads an unearthly tone with rapacious rhythms and toys ...

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Dreaming Awake - Friction

Review: Dreaming Awake – Friction

There is a big surprise waiting for you at the start of this album with its wondrous sound on sequencer that reminds me of an ebbing and flowing tide. It is most definitely my kind of metal, melodic and ferocious, with dual vocals clean and screamo that make for great listening, and a great title ‘It Lives’. ‘Friction’ is a melodious ...

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Brother Firetribe - Sunbound

Review: Brother Firetribe – Sunbound

This sounds absolutely epic, and I am not being cheesy when I use the term epic because it is. ‘Sunbound’ is a gigantic track despite being just over a minute long, but if this track is anything to go by then the album will be phenomenal. ‘Help is on The Way’ doesn’t disappoint as its large rhythmical hooks take hold and allow you ...

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NervoChaos - Nyctophilia

Review: NervoChaos – Nyctophilia

If there is anything more extreme than this it must be found in the bowels of hell amid flames hotter than a cemetery incinerator! It is meant to be to the extreme end of the scale and the band haven’t skimped on anything. It sounds just as nasty as it looks, being a connoisseur of extreme metal I know what ...

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