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Trauma play As The World Dies

Trauma made waves in what was known as the Bay Area Scene back in 1982, partly because Metallica man Cliff Burton was one of its members in their early days. Those waves crested in ’84 with their album Scratch And Scream which was fairly successful, but after that they seemed to disappear until 2015 when they released Rapture And Wrath to coincide with the reissue ...

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Ghost Iris

Ghost Iris design hard-hitters & heart pounding stompers on Apple Of Discord

By being a leading outfit in the ever expansive metalcore scene, Danish band Ghost Iris, provide another level of brashness with their new record Apple Of Discord. The act, pulverise the notion of playing cool, of lowering the sound that they’ve wholeheartedly created. Skimping isn’t in their DNA, running scared isn’t an option, playing loud, unapologetic, music is their absolute ...

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Lemuria crafts an elixir of fantasy and vigor on The Hysterical Hunt

Lemuria’s latest album, The Hysterical Hunt, is something of the auditory manifestation of a Brother’s Grimm fairy tale. Lemuria harnessed elements of fantasy (largely bolstered by song titles such as ‘An Elusive Monster’, ‘As Darkness Falls’, and ‘A Plague Upon the Land’) and wrapped it in a dark mysticism to create an intriguing hybrid of imagination with the classic tropes ...

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Within Temptation the acknowledged masters of symphonic rock set to release Resist

Depending upon how you interpret the various categories, Dutch band Within Temptation are either a Gothic rock band, a symphonic rock band or a straight-up rock band which occasionally dabbles in other areas. Whatever, what can’t be denied is Within Temptation, a leading purveyor of dark anthems, have released another fine album, coming after the longest gap they’ve had between ...

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Incite – Built to Destroy

Having knocked around for more than few years, Incite have been a band that have relatively been stuck in the shadows of vocalists Ritchie Cavalera’s fathers’ bands, which clearly after reading the family name, need no mention. It is rather unfair to read the name and all of a sudden raise expectations of what you believe may come from Incite, ...

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The Room

The Room – Caught by the Machine                           

The Room are a six piece band from the South East of England and they were formed out of the remnants of 90’s band Grey Lady Down. In their time together they’ve played and toured with bands like Soft Machine, Lifesigns and Inglorious, and were nominated for Band of the Year in 2016 by the Classic Rock Society. They’re a ...

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RAVEN – Screaming Blue Murder in Aalborg

Raven are a three piece rock band from the North East who’ve been playing together for somewhere in the region of over forty-odd years, and still revolve around the nexus of the Gallagher brothers (no, not those ones, these guys can actually work together). Whilst Screaming Blue Murder… isn’t their first ‘live’ album, this particular album came as quite a ...

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Quantum Pig

Quantum Pig – Songs Of Industry And Sunshine         

Quantum Pig describe themselves as being simultaneously a “prog band but not a prog band”.  It means, whilst their music is rooted in prog, they don’t allow themselves to be hemmed in by boundaries or genres. They happily draw their influences from right across the music spectrum, and this is clearly evident in their sparkling debut album Songs of Industry ...

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Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett – At The Edge Of Light

Steve Hackett is a stellar guitarist and a hugely significant and influential figure in prog-rock. From his time with Genesis between 1971-77, when they were at their most creative, and from his career as a solo artist, he’s always been unafraid to mix things up and, on his new album, At The Edge of Light, his 26th studio album, he’s ...

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State of Ember

State of Ember smoulder on Broken Horizons

Redditch based trio State of Ember say that their music is an amalgam of metal, punk and prog rock… well having listened to their second EP Broken Horizons I can see what they mean to a certain extent. There is a definite metal, rock with a punk sensibility behind it all but the prog is a little harder to discern. Chris Tamburro ...

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