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INK release debut EP Heaven

Heaven is debut EP of London based alternative rock trio INK. The group which consists of Todd Dorgio on guitar and, Corey Alexander on drums and Dougie Poynter from Mcfly on bass a sharing vocal duty with Dorgio. Heaven which was released worldwide on March 14th perfectly combines pop hooks with classic rock and grungey bass lines. Through merging these ...

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Heavy rock group Deadline to release Nothing Beside Remains

Deadline are a French band comprising Arnaud Restoueix on Lead vocals, Gabriel Lect and Christophe Gatter on Guitar, Sébastien Debbane on Bass and Backing Vocals and Fabrice Trovato on Drums and Backing Vocals. Although new to me, they have been around since 2009 when they released an EP and then, in 2014, their debut full-length album called Fire Inside. This ...

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James Stevenson 40 Years in the Rock 'n' Roll Wilderness (CD1)

James Stevenson releases 40 Years in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Wilderness

James Stevenson has had a long and distinguished career, predominately in the late punk and post-punk era. While still at school, in 1977 he was playing with Chelsea before moving to Gen X. He also spent some time with Glen Matlock in Hot Club, then was recruited into the ranks of Gene Loves Jezebel, and served time in the Cult ...

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Old Man Wizard

California’s Old Man Wizard return with their new release Blame It All On Sorcery

Old Man Wizard is a Californian 3 piece band who, have been around since 2011 and are about to release their second album called Blame It All On Sourcery. Band members Francis Roberts (Guitar, Vocals), Andre Beller (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Kris Calabio (Drums, Backing Vocals) have put together 10 tracks of carefully structured rock with psych and prog ...

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Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball return with their 10th album Crystallizer

Back in 1995, there was a Swiss cover band called Cherry Pie and, after numerous live gigs, they decided they could do just as well themselves. Crystal Ball was born, and they released their debut album In The Beginning. They have now released their 10th album called Crystallizer. The current line up features Steven Mageney (Vocals), Scott Leach (Lead and ...

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Caliban - Elements

Review: Caliban – Elements

The German metalcore band are back with a brand new thirteen-track-album, entitled Elements. Let us delve into this their eleventh studio album! I’m not going to pretend I have been a dedicated Caliban listener in the past, I’ve heard a few songs but for whatever reason, I never have taken the steps to explore them further. My brother introduced me ...

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The Dead Daisies keep up their charm and momentum on Burn It Down

Thanks to a number of stellar albums and glorious live performances all over the globe, The Dead Daisies have been on an upward spiral ever since the band was conceived and there can be absolutely no doubt that these guys have worked their asses off to get where they are today. Boasting a most impressive line-up consisting of rock royalty ...

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RAINBOW – Memories in Rock II       

Of all the names regularly mentioned as sixties guitar heroes in the classic rock firmament, few stars shine brighter than that of the iconic man in black himself, Mr Ritchie Blackmore. Equally lauded as a guitar hero or the most divisive and truculent human being on the planet, and the bane of many a rock journalist, nonetheless he’s been responsible ...

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Happy Accidents Everything Here And Now

Happy Accidents Everything Here And Now album review

Everything Here And Now the new album from Happy Accidents isn’t the type of album you will be headbanging along nor drumming along to whilst in your car. Everything Here And Now is the type of album you will casually listen to as you unwind from a stressful day. From the opening notes of ‘Nunhead’ to the final lines of ‘Sink‘. Happy ...

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Lovelorn Dolls – Darker Ages | Album Review

The Lovelorn Dolls are a Belgian Gothic rock group with a feminine facade, founded by the guitarist Bernard Daubresse aka Corpus Christi and the singer & composer from “Skeptical Minds” ie Kristell Lowagie aka Ladyhell. Their sound consists of thick guitar riffs, deafening melodies, perfectly executed synthesizer sequences and the characteristic voice of Kristell. If you can imagine Marilyn Manson ...

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