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Twisted Illusion - Insight into the mind of a million faces   

Review: Twisted Illusion – Insight into the mind of a million faces   

Twisted Illusion is the solo project created and fronted by Matt Jones, and Insight into .. is the follow-up to the debut album, Temple of Artifice. That album garnered critically favourable comments and this album could well be doing the same. If you like your prog metal played furiously and accompanied by vocals that occasionally have the same impact as a ...

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Gentle Giant - Three piece Suite

Review: Gentle Giant – Three piece Suite

For fans of classic 1970’s prog rock, the name Gentle Giant is one revered by aficionados of the genre. Emerging out of the rubble of Simon Dupree & the Big Sound, they were an influential band right throughout the nineteen seventies, releasing several top-quality albums along the way. They split in the late seventies when Punk was steamrollering all in ...

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Arch Enemy - Will to Power

Review: Arch Enemy – Will to Power

There has been considerable pressure put on Swedish melodic death metal legends Arch Enemy over the past few years particularly since the departure of founding guitarist Chris Amott and long time vocalist Angela Gossow, surprisingly their first album with the new lineup, War Eternal, was the strongest release from the band in quite some time and with once again a ...

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LIONIZE - Nuclear Soul   

Review: LIONIZE – Nuclear Soul   

Fresh off the back of a UK tour, which included playing two prestigious outdoor dates at Ramblin’ Man and Bloodstock, their first festival dates in this country, comes the latest album from Maryland’s Lionize. Their follow-up to 2014’s Jetpack Soundtrack, which was the band’s best received album up to date. Lionize are a four-piece ensemble who’ve been around for a decade ...

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crawl this sad cadavr

Review: Crawl – This Sad Cadav’r

Texas sludge/noise metal group Crawl bring us their latest opus, This Sad Cadv’r. This Sad Cadav’r is made up of three tracks, each simply titled ‘I’, ‘II’ and ‘III’. Maybe because it doesn’t need to go any further –  the songs easily speak for themselves. This EP is dark, dank and depraved. It is roughly 30 minutes of heavy, slow, ...

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Crimson Star - Bay View

Review: Crimson Star – Bay View

If there is one description that hits the nail on the head with Crimson Star, it must be the words ‘hard rock’ but also add in ‘melodic’ as ‘The Pragmatist’ begins. Its bludgeoning melodic encounter is not only pumping magic but it blows your mind into a pleasurable void as you listen to the hard hitting bass and seamless shredding ...

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Faces of the Bog - Ego Death

Review: Faces of the Bog – Ego Death

The reason I picked this album was for a few reasons actually first of all their name, Faces in the Bog, conjured up a lot of strange imagery. Secondly the description: “A gruelling, harrowing, disturbing yet fulfilling album” and the title of the band’s 7 track E.P Ego Death. So with all that in mind it was a no-brainer and some things ...

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Eaten - S/T

Review: Eaten – S/T

Typical grindcore that will eat you alive and only lasts a few minutes for you to get your lugholes round at times, but doesn’t everyone like grindcore? Maybe not, it is very eye opening and jaw dropping the first time you experience it but seen live there is no going back – the anger, the hatred is all mixed into ...

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Helpless - Debt

Review: Helpless – Debt

Helpless describe themselves as ‘Metal/Punk/Whatever’. The ‘whatever’ bit  had me thinking, it sounds very experimental meaning ‘anything goes’ and the band have certainly captured a ‘ruptured spleen’ sort of sound but I can’t help feeling attracted towards it – maybe it is because I love something quirky and extreme and they hit the mark on both accounts. For me it ...

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leshpress - Hulluuden Muuri

Review: Fleshpress – Hulluuden Muuri

Fleshpress’ latest release Hulluuden Muuri is the band’s seventh full length release since they formed in 1998 and it is clear that the band are out to make their listeners feel as uncomfortable as possible with this album. The album artwork alone should give an idea of the things that lay ahead, with a distinct Gene Simmons looking head over ...

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