Nad & Steve Hackett live by Rick Pauline.

Steve Hackett – Recent Sounds & Visions

With the release of Steve Hackett‘s latest album The Night Siren on InsideOut Music (Sony), the legendary guitarist has been busy preparing for both its release and his forthcoming 15 date UK tour as previously reported at Ramzine, the result of this being a series of moments captured on film and presented here for fans to enjoy. Aside from discussing ...

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Michael Schenker Fest Live

Michael Schenker Fest Live Toyko (2 CD + DVD)

‘Searching For Freedom’ plays over the PA over and the Japanese audience rises and politely as cameras roll around the impressive looking International Forum on the evening of August 24th 2016. Then like some Teutonic trickster god transported into the heart of the rising sun Michael Schenker stands before them centre stage, arms raised as he calls out “Hello, Toyko… ...

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Photo by Jay Russell

Live! Gojira, Code Orange & Car Bomb – The Forum, London

Gojira are BACK! It’s actually only been a few months since they last graced the UK with their presence. The difference being that this time sees them on their very own headline tour in support of their latest album ‘Magma’ which even at the time of writing this, is still currently happening. Back in November the band embarked upon a ...

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Danny Worsnops

Danny Worsnops venture into Outlaw Country has matured effortlessly

From Hardcore to Rock ‘n’ Roll and now Blues, Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot frontman Danny Worsnop has taken to his new musical venture like a fish to water! The ever eclectic musician has delivered an album of raw, emotional songs about personal highs and lows during his successful career via his solo debut album ‘The Long Road Home’. Even (only) ...

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Live: Courtesans, Think Tank, Newcastle

July last year we covered Courtesans at a venue on the other side of Newcastle, their first gig in the city. They have returned playing a more central venue – with more fans and materials behind them. Leading up to the release of their EP ‘Better Safe Than Sober’ EP this tour is a a live taster of what’s to ...

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davey album

Review: Davey Suicide – Made From Fire

Over the past year or so Davey Suicide himself has been battling with his ex-record label over many issues, so it’s a huge achievement this album was finished and released successfully. Davey is a living example that persistence pays off. Davey and the band know the fans want more music – Davey and the boys don’t fail to deliver. Even ...

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Dan Reed Network photos by Martin Tierney

Dan Reed Network + Vega, The Robin 2, 12th March

Most sensible people stay in on a Sunday night. Me I’m out on the town about to catch two bands whose work I’m not overly familiar with. In the case of Vega, I know them only by reputation: melodic/AOR band, four albums in the can with regular support slots up and down the country. While the venue hasn’t filled out ...

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Blood Divisions - Cardinal One

Review: Blood Divisions – Cardinal One

Founded by core members Chris Jericho (Fozzy, WWE), David Austin (Nasty Savage), and Ed Aborn (Intersonic Cyber Symphony), Blood Divisions features a roster of supporting musicians who are current or former members of bands such as Obituary, Death, Nasty Savage, Six Feet Under, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach, Deicide, Massacre, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and more. The result is a mixture of classics ...

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Comaniac - Return to the Wasteland

Review: Comaniac – Return to the Wasteland

It isn’t typical thrash, at least not vocal-wise and there are some strange whisperings and unusual sounds embedded into the track ‘Coal’ with fantastic biting riffs and rhythms that make it a pleasant listening experience. ‘Suborned’ is very typical of its genre in places as it races away taking pleasure in skimming past the ears at a rate of knots. ‘Bow ...

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Dante’s Theory Amut

Review: Dante’s Theory – Amut

If there is one thing that some of the guys do in Singapore, it’s rattling out some amazing music. You don’t somehow imagine that a country like Singapore could muster up such amazing pieces of writing, but they do! At least Dante’s Theory does, first track ‘Qiamat Heretics’ is proof of that. The vocal scorches with unfathomable rhythms and salacious beats ...

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