• BROWN ACID - The Fifth Trip

    BROWN ACID – The Fifth Trip

    Another release from the always reliable Brown Acid series, ten more slices of the weird, the wonderful and the occasionally quirky. If the digital re...

  • Tigercub - Evolve or Die

    Review: Tigercub – Evolve or Die

    Brighton three-piece Tigercub sit in an interesting place in the overall British rock scene. One foot firmly placed in the indie scene that is current...

  • Review: Cult of Lilith – Arkanum

    The EP opens with ‘Abaddon’ – this track holds much pleasure with enjoyable stabs of metal that crucify you on listening and superbl...

  • Review: As it is – Never Happy, Ever After

    Since 2012 this Brighton based 5 Piece have been making a name from themselves. Fronted and driven by the charismatic Minneapolis-born Patty Walters, ...

  • Bonfire – Temple Of Lies

    Only guitarist Hans Ziller remains as an original member of German melodic rock band Bonfire, a band who’ve had their successes since the mid-80s albe...

  • ISSA

    Norwegian melodic rock queen Issa releases Run With The Pack

    Norwegian melodic rock doyenne Issa Oversveen, to give her full name, is back with her fifth studio album Run With The Pack. On this new release, Issa...

  • Deserted Fear ‘My Empire ’ Album Review

    Deserted Fear is a Death Metal Band from Eisenberg/Thuringia, Germany. Formed in 2008, they recorded their first demo in 2010 and started to play live...

  • Review: From Her Eyes – Demons

    Formed in 2012 From Her Eyes are it has been said to follow in the footsteps of fellow home-towner’s Funeral for a Friend and Bullet for My Vale...


RAW IN SECT fuse metal with traditional Greek on ‘Kitro’

My knowledge of Greek rock bands is slim to say the least. Although I have been a fan of Socrates Drank the Conium for years, Raw In Sect is the first to catch my attention since then (ignoring Rotting Christ on purpose). Comprising of Kostas Diamandis (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Dimitris Alexiou (Drums & Backing Vocals), George Ioakeimidis (Guitar & ...

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1968 produce heavy, muddy guitars and riffs aplenty on ‘Ballads of the Godless’

The clue’s in the name, here we have a band with their roots firmly in the late 60’s. Picture Blue Cheer, the 13thFloor Elevators, Jodo and early Sabbath contributing to a composite sound of heavy, muddy guitars and riffs aplenty. Based in Cheshire, Jimi Ray (Vocals), Sam Orr (Guitar), Tom Richards (Bass) and Dan Amati (Drums) will make you think ...

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THE BRONX play pure fire bangers, mixed with a rowdy and up for it crowd | Electric Ballroom, London

It’s a very, very unusually hot day in the capital of London. Sweltering heat to many marking the beginning of summer time before the solstice comes around, and everyone is filling the streets of Camden Town with a very receptive vibe of positivity and feverish happiness. However, considering this is the very same weekend that the awesome Download Festival is ...

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Black Fast

Review: Black Fast – Spectre of Ruin

After the explosive impact of their last release, I was excited to hear Black Fast‘s latest musical offering. On the surface, Spectre of Ruin is a solid metal album. It has ferocious energy, top-tier production, and is consistently heavy throughout. I can’t help but feel though that the overall product is quite generic. There are a few moments, such as the bridge ...

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zeal and ardor

Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit

Zeal & Ardor’s 2017 Debut, Devil is Fine was an exercise in experimentation, fusing together soulful delta blues with furious, biting black metal to create an altogether new sound. The project – the brainchild of French composer Manuel Gagneaux – took hold in the metal world after a reissue through MVKA, and fast became one of the most exciting bands ...

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Møl Jord

MØL’s blackgaze album ‘JORD’

Did you know there is a genre of music called blackgaze? I certainly didn’t. It is the ambience of shoegaze (post-rock) combined with the brutality of black metal in what is undoubtedly the most confusing sentence I have written during my time at RAM. Clearly then, it is a very niche genre, but that hasn’t stopped Danish five-piece MØL from ...

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Poly-Math – House of Wisdom | We are the Devil

A polymath is the name given to a person who could be considered as having expert knowledge across a range of topics. da Vinci, for example, was a polymath. I am most certainly not one (unless Icelandic football and Doctor Who counts?). Poly-Math are also a Brighton based three-piece, whose latest release House of Wisdom | We are the Devil has ...

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LUMEN - Sharing An Eye

LUMEN – Sharing An Eye

The Augusta, Georgia, four piece LUMEN‘s (not to be confused with the Russian band of the same name) latest release Sharing An Eye really states its intentions from the opening moments of ‘Moon Reader’. Such a display of exemplary brutality cannot fail to go unnoticed, and while it is one thing to start that way, LUMEN use it as a benchmark, ...

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Into the Storm/Smooth Sailing

Into the Storm/Smooth Sailing split EP

Spilt EP’s are always interesting to review. They are something of a rarity these days, and are undoubtedly a risk, as there is so much potential for things to go wrong if not done well. This, thankfully, is not the case for Seattle based bands Into the Storm and Smooth Sailing. Of the six tracks that make up ‘Split’ that ...

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Hollywood Vampires

Hollywood Vampires, the legends that should never die

The Godfather of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper, is bringing his supergroup in the capital tonight after having put together some of the best musicians under one name –  Hollywood Vampires. The band’s name, which comes from a celebrity drinking club formed by Cooper in the 70s, has seen guest appearances by Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh and Cristopher Lee ...

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