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Deliberations From The Shire with Mike James – Voodoo Circle

Hard Rock is sounding great in 2018 and leading the charge are Voodoo Circle with their fifth release Raised On Rock which as you can imagine with a title like that is full of energy and gusto. This is the first album with new vocalist Herbie Langhan, who’s name you might know if you’re a fan of Avantasia. He met Voodoo Circle’s Alex Beyrodt at Wacken 2015 and shortly after work began on writing for this album.

With Langhan joining the band it’s given their sound more of a meaty feel with inspiration coming from the likes of Rainbow, Deep Purple and even hints of Whitesnake. Herbie’s voice suits this style of powerful vocals and up tempo anthemic rock. One thing that does stand out is the keyboard sounds supplied by Corvin Bahn, who works with Saxon to name drop just one band.

The opening track ‘Running Away From Love‘ will get stuck in your head after a couple of plays as will a few other belters on Raised On Rock – so go grab a copy and get it play loud.

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