Brothers of Metal
Brothers of Metal

Brothers of Metal & the Prophecy of Ragnarok

Featuring a frontline trio of vocalists appears to be the new trend in rock, and Brothers of Metal are just the kind of band who likes to predict it’s going to be a winning formula.

With the far ranging “Voice of the Valkyries” in lva Eriksson, the rougher vocal stylings of Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson and narrative rapping from Mats Nilsson, the Swedish power metal band also feature three guitarists in Dawid Grahn, Pähr Nilsson, Mikael Fehrm, plus a rhythm section of Emil Wärmedal (bass) and Johan Johansson (drums).. That needs a big stage to perform on live!

With a penchant for Viking sagas, Brothers of Metal recorded 14 anthemic, powerful, melodic metal tracks for their debut album, Prophecy Of Ragnarok that’s just been released through AFM Records. Described as being in the vein of “Sabaton, Manowar or Powerwolf” you can judge for yourself by listening and watching them on video right here at RAMzine.

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