Rhapsody Of Fire UK Tour Plans…

Rhapsody Of Fire recently released new album ‘Dark Wings of Steel’ in the UK. It’s been a while since we have seen Rhapsody play a show over here, but we hear there may be plans…

Answering questions for MEPR on plans as they stand (just before Xmas) -keyboard player Alex Staropoli had this to say on the initial reactions to “Dark Wings Of Steel”….

“Lots of really good reactions so far; really positive! We’ll be shooting the promised video clip any day now, in a very gothic location. I’m so looking forward to finishing it and releasing it!”

And on touring plans for next year?

“We are still collecting offers and planning. I cannot make official announcements yet, but check out the website very soon…www.rhapsodyoffire.com. We are ready to play at any time, believe me!”

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