Butcher Babies at Download Festival 215
Butcher Babies at Download Festival 215

Photoset: Butcher Babies at Download 2015

We caught Butcher Babies at Download Festival 2015, see the photo set below.

Butcher Babies. I did not see them coming! I was taken aback when Heidi and Carla came on and really didn’t know what to expect. The brutality that followed really blew me away and created and instant fan. Their energy was immense; they did not stop moving and both Heidi and Carla got right up to the barrier in the faces of the audience. Twice I got whipped in the face by Heidi’s hair. Part way through their second song, Carla came on stage with a giant inflatable cock and tossed it into the audience (puns intended)! They have a heavy, heavy sound – if you’ve not heard them before, check them out. If you can, go see them live.

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