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Live: Trivium, The Roundhouse London

A Friday night in London drinking beers doesn’t get much better until you add some of the biggest names in todays metal world. With Trivium embarking upon a UK and European tour in support of their ‘Silence in The Snow’ Album fans are treated to a night of tasty guitar licks, shredding solos and unholy roars of Matthew Heafy as Trivium’s masterful metal sound soars over packed out fans who make their way into the roundhouse in waves.


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Of course as per usual they are not alone as the support for the show comes from the UKs very own SHVPES who bring their melodic metal to the stage to kick things off. Mr Dickenson proves he can stand on his own two feet as a frontman as he commands his crowd well only to succumb to the heckle of someone at the front row. After calling the offender some choice words, he reminds the crowd that we are all here for fun shortly before the band resumes. A powerful performance that is tight and well executed leaves a little bit of a sour taste in the mouths of some thanks to one person who always has to spoil the fun for others.


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Also providing support on the night are UKs Metal veterans Sikth who have been busy as of late. They’re the ones to really get the fans pumped up with their jumpy groovy tracks that has the fans jumping up and down most of the set. A raise of hands shows just how many people are familiar with the band as well as those who would be coming back to see them in the future. If this show of hands is anything to go by, you can bet your bottom dollar that Sikth did a great job, enough to make people wanting more and enough to potentially win over some new fans. It’s a set that goes far too quick and is over as quickly as it began.

Trivium are no strangers to the UK and as Heafy himself says on stage “its good to be back home”. The star studded lineup of songs included in the set list is staggering and fans of the ‘Ascendancy’ are sure to be happy as the performance kicks off with ‘The End Of Everything’ which naturally feeds nicely into ‘Rain’ as the crowd erupts into total chaos with an absolute mashup of heads hands and bodies all over the place. Special mention should be made to the London crowd as they make their voices heard as they sing along. Heafy and the gang have never sounded better. Vocals are on point. The bass is brutal and the shredding guitar leads are as blistering as we have ever heard them. Session drummer Alex Bent also puts in an incredible performance of which could easily stand toe to toe with previous drummers.


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The momentum stays at a consistently high rate throughout the show with fan favourites keeping things moving along nicely. ‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Matyr’ gave ample opportunity for the crowd to go an extra special level of crazy and things end with the holy roar of ‘In Waves’ as Trivium conclude what is another successful Performance in the heart of the city.

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