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All on HAiG

If melodious rock n roll sound with a hint of alternative flavour is your bag, let us introduce you toHAiG. Formed by Billy Bibby formerly of Catfish &The Bottlemen,Wry Smiles and New York Tourists with an able and experienced line-up  completed by Tom Hill, Carl Forbes Rutherford andJoe Mooney “Being in Catfish gave me invaluable experiences and puts me in good ...

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Alignments: Neutral a Double Experience?

Canadian nerd/alternative rockers Double Experience has a new EP Alignments: Neutral, having just signed to Drakkar Entertainment Alignments: Neutral has been described as “a prog-rock concept album for the ADD generation; a voyage into real-world examples of morality and beliefs according to a certain alignment chart.” “Nerd Rock should be more than sweater vests and big glasses, it should be about ...

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A Life Divided By Echoes?

Imagine if you could send your latest favourite rock record on a journey through time and into the past – what would it sound like? That’s what A Life Divided had in mind when creating their new album Echoes that’s out on January 31st through AFM Records. “It was during the 80s when we first came into contact with music. ...

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Do Wicked Garden Care?

Alternative rock band Wicked Garden has released the second single from their debut album, Post Dystopian Leisure Music, out now on Shock Records/Vanity Music Group. The song is ‘Ask Me If I Care’ and you can order it by clicking here and watch the video for it right here at RAMzine. “It was written as a tribute to Pat Dinizio of ...

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Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls unleash new album Miracle Pill

Goo Goo Dolls have a predictable formula when it comes to their music. The softest rock, meaning the lightest taps on the drums, the same few piano chords echoing in the background, pop rock guitar styling, added to the most inoffensive lyrics, with not a curse word in sight…well, sound, and you have one of their records. Their latest albums ...

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Wicked Garden’s Post Dystopian Leisure Music 

Las Vegas alternative rock act Wicked Garden has released their new video for ‘Already Gone’, taken from their new Post Dystopian Leisure Music album. “The video is a throwback to the days when people would discover new music at their local record shops,” frontman Dominick Muzio states. “The young woman hears the new album on the listening station in the store and ...

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Flat Earth Know Who to Blame

Featuring ex-members of HIM and Amorphis and newly signed to Drakkar Entertainment, Flat Earth have just released ‘Blame‘ their first single, with a debut album due later in the year. Flat Earth features guitarist Mikko ‘Linde’ Lindström and drummer Mika ‘Gas Lipstick” Karppinen (both from HIM), alongside bassist Niclas Etelävuori (Amorphis) and vocalist Anttoni ‘Anthony’ Pikkarainen who was vocalist with Polanski. ...

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Letzte Instanz – Morgenland

Going strong for two decades now, German rock band Letzte Instanz release their new album Morgenland on February 16th through AFM Records. Described as one of Germany’s “most important ambassadors for ambitious artistic impression” Holly Loose (vocals), Bernie Geef (guitar), M. Stolz (violin), Benni Cellini (cello), Michael Ende (bass) and Andy Horst (drums) are said to give the listener food ...

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Lochness Monster – Fables

Review: Lochness Monster – Fables

Miami based alternative rock four-piece Lochness Monster released their debut album Fables at the beginning of this year, which really puts it into perspective 10 months down the line. Looking over the other releases 2017 has to offer, there’s some potential to be had here but ultimately misses the mark.

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Naked Six

Naked Six – Can’t Trust the News

Alternative rock duo Naked Six, have just released their first single ‘Can’t Trust the News’. Available through Spotify and Apple music it combines heavy pounding riffs, and compelling lyrics with a satirical twist. Hailing from York, guitarist and vocalist Seb Byford and drummer Tom Witts formed Naked Six in 2015, performing what they describe as “alternative rock/grunge/schizoid blues with the punk ...

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