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Review: Aversions Crown – Tyrant

Aversions Crown, one of the rising stars from Australia’s ever growing metal/deathcore scene, have proven themselves to be a formidable set of heavy handed beef cakes; with extended range guitars, incredible vocal range, a grim outlook on the universe and the fate of the human race. All of this is manifested into their most recent album, ‘Tyrant‘, released on Nuclear ...

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The Ghost Inside release ‘Avalanche’

California metalcore crew The Ghost Inside have unveiled their latest single, ‘Avalanche‘. Although a date hasn’t been set for their fourth full-length, this aggressive and powerful track will certainly have fans excited for what these guys will be up to next. Thick with guitar distortion and kit-wrecking tom-tom damage, ‘Avalanche‘ features vocalist Jonathan Vigil at his best, and the band ...

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Amaranthe To Release New Studio Album ‘The Nexus’

Swedish/Danish power/melodic death metal band Amaranthe will release their new album, titled ‘The Nexus’ in March, 25th of March in the UK. The first video and single from the album are out now. The band was formed in 2008 (formerly Avalanche ) by Jake E. and Olof Morck. The project began to take shape when singers Elize Ryd and Andy ...

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