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Demonic Death Judge blaze a new trail of blistering sludge

When it comes to music, Finland is most commonly associated with Death and Black Metal but lurking amongst its underbelly is an oozing pool of sludge, produced by Demonic Death Judge who return on March 27th with their new album “The Trail” via Suicide Records. Don’t be fooled by the cover work picturing a beautiful Scandinavian landscape and the album’s ...

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Lordi Ask “What if…?” On New Studio Album, Killection

Lordi has never been a band to shy away from trying something different, from their Hollywood studio-level outfits and makeup to their crowning achievement of taking cheesy shock rock to the Eurovision Song Contest and winning the competition for their native Finland. The experimental nature of the project hasn’t ceased over the years and on January 31st Lordi will release ...

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Finnish doom trio Asphodelus release Stygian Dreams

Asphodelus in their own words create “death doom for the lost souls”. They harbour clear influences from heavyweights such as Katatonia and My Dying Bride, whilst drawing inspiration from the gloom and darkness of British death/doom, the macabre and mysterious history of an ancient Greek cult and the “masennus” or depression of 90’s Finnish death metal. Despite pulling from such ...

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Hexvessel set to release All Tree

British/Finnish sensation Hexvessel know a thing or two about psychedelic and highly evocative folk rock. The ensemble’s fourth effort entitled All Tree delves even further into the mysteries of nature and its many melancholy shades and nuances, and the record’s restlessly inventive spirit is truly invigorating. The overall effect of listening to this eclectic and emotional endeavor is downright haunting, ...

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Black metallers Khanus debut EP release

Khanus release their debut EP ‘Rites of Fire’ today, the 23rd of February with a sound of soul destroyed, blackened, death metal. Beginning back in 2015 by Sovereign (Wrathage/Selcouth) in expect massive death metal stories influenced by the likes of shamans and metaphysics, this blackened metal will give you the musical out of the world feeling. ‘Rites of Fire’ is ...

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Wintersun Reveal UK & Ireland tour details

Finland Folk-Metal band Wintersun are touring in the UK/Ireland for the first time since 2008. This tour is to promote their second full length album Time I which has been 8 years in the making. The band is led by ex-Ensiferum member Jari Mäenpäa and will play the folowing dates: JULY 2013 16 – London, Highbury Garage 17 – Manchester, Club ...

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