Hexvessel set to release All Tree


British/Finnish sensation Hexvessel know a thing or two about psychedelic and highly evocative folk rock. The ensemble’s fourth effort entitled All Tree delves even further into the mysteries of nature and its many melancholy shades and nuances, and the record’s restlessly inventive spirit is truly invigorating. The overall effect of listening to this eclectic and emotional endeavor is downright haunting, but in a moving and positive way, mind you. All Tree is an accomplished affair and it is thrilling to experience just how much these guys seem to grow from album to album. The cool thing is that nothing Hexvessel do ever sounds contrived, which is to say that they never craft compositions that exceed their artistic grasp. In other words, things have developed organically ever since the outfit’s inception back in 2009 and they certainly deserve all the success in the world for delivering such authentic and heartfelt albums as these.

As rich in atmosphere as it is in textures, the album moves and slides effortlessly between deeply introspective parts and more straightforward, driven pieces with a subtle sense of bombast to them. The latter is perfectly illustrated by ‘Ancient Astronaut‘ and ‘Wilderness Spirit‘. Gentle and delicately harmonic songs such as ‘Changeling‘ and the title track shows that the various members of the band are in complete sync with each other – the musicianship and production are quite stellar. Hexvessel never fail with respect to conjuring up dynamic and varied compositions, but compared to its predecessors, All Tree sounds and feels even more soul-stirring and touching, which is pretty fucking far out there considering just how much this writer loves and cherishes When We Are Death (2016), but yes, there you have it: All Tree is a near-flawless opus that requires attention and focus on the part of the listener. McNerney’s warm and soothing voice resonates with depth and meaning, and it complements the melodic and dramatic aspects of the album perfectly. Not surprisingly, there is a lively and vibrant feel to All Tree, which suits the spirited song material nicely, and the thirteen tracks that constitute the record all feel like a breath of fresh air.

All Tree is the perfect antidote to the rather chaotic world we live in today and its sense of longing and nostalgia is a thing of pure beauty. For a teaser, check ‘Son of the Sky‘ out and revel in its many otherworldly qualities while allowing your mind to be transported far away from your everyday existence. This inspired disc is a treat for all lovers of psychedelic folk rock and a true must-have.

All Tree will be available from 15th February via Century Media Records.


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