Blodskam release La-Bas


Despite the long history of Blodskam, the Swedish back metal band have only just released their debut album. The band was formed in 1998, when black metal had already established itself as the most radical musical movement. But still, getting through the years the members of Blodskam decided to reunite a few years ago finally releasing their La-Bas.

Blodskam decided to choose suspension as their main strategy and conduct for business. That’s why when describing La-Bas it would be better to say: It sounds like black-metallic version of Godflash.

The band follows the sound of a deathcrushing distorted guitar with different background lines, which connect doom and dark metallic coloring in such tracks as ‘Bodel’ and ‘My Home’.

‘My Home’ can be called one of the best tracks on the album. It unites an instrumental side of Blodskam. Not so typical for black metal as for genre, but important for the band as a result of their intention for authenticity. This composition fires the rhythms of the record until they become red hot and fast enough for black metal. This coloring follows ‘The Machines’ which represents thinking over the problem of living in a material world. And suddenly it comes to an end on ‘La Bas’, where the instrumental side of the record goes through catharsis and sound textures.


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