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Save Ferris: “Things are so different for women now, there’s so many more of us now!” Fireball Tour 2019

If you are in to ska-punk, this side of the 80s, there’s no doubt you have heard of Save Ferris. From contributing to movie soundtracks, to their hits in the 1990s, to their comeback in recent years – there’s something that has caught your attention. Now part of the star-studded Fireball Tour: Save Ferris’ front-woman and founder, Monique Powell, chatted ...

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DJ Matt Stocks “Expect Scatman John alongside NOFX and Rancid in my set” Fireball Tour 2019

From interviewing rockstars behind the camera as part of a podcast to sharing the stage in front of the camera with them, Matt Stocks has done it all. Now he will keep on doing it, as he is to share the stage with ska-punk legends Less Than Jake and Goldfinger as part of the Fireball Tour. His DJ set will ...

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