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DJ Matt Stocks “Expect Scatman John alongside NOFX and Rancid in my set” Fireball Tour 2019

From interviewing rockstars behind the camera as part of a podcast to sharing the stage in front of the camera with them, Matt Stocks has done it all. Now he will keep on doing it, as he is to share the stage with ska-punk legends Less Than Jake and Goldfinger as part of the Fireball Tour. His DJ set will keep everyone occupied between acts, but he is also an act in his own right. Although Matt is used to being the interviewer, he answered questions for our rock magazine regarding the upcoming Fireball tour and future plans. 


Are you excited for the Fireball Tour?
Of course! This is my fourth year DJing and hosting the tour and it’s always the highlight of the year for me. 

How does it feel to support Less Than Jake and Goldfinger?

I’ve supported Less Than Jake twice before, once on the Fireball Tour in 2016 and once last year on their co-headline tour with Reel Big Fish. They’re always great fun to watch live. And we’ve had a lot of fun together over the years. I’ve played a bunch of shows with Goldfinger too, though never a full tour before – only at Slam Dunk Festival, where I also DJ and host the ska-punk stage. Both bands formed the soundtrack to my youth and to now call them friends is a trip. 

Have you met the bands before? What are they like?

See above. Haha. Both outrageously fun to watch live, and great guys to boot. I’ve got nothing but love and admiration for Less Than Jake, Goldfinger and Save Ferris. Monique is a dear friend of mine and Save Ferris haven’t toured the UK for years and years, so having them out as well is going to be great. She’s an absolute force of nature on stage and off. 


Do you drink Fireball, if so, what does it taste like?

This is my fourth Fireball tour and they also sponsor my podcast Life In The Stocks, so at this point, I’m basically the Fireball mascot. I’ve lost count of how many Fireball shots I’ve done over the last few years, but let’s just say A LOT. And it still tastes good going down. 

What type of music can people expect you to be spinning? 

Ska punk, punk rock and party bangers. I’ve been known to slip in the likes of Natalie Imbruglia and Scatman John alongside Rancid and NOFX in years gone by. 

How would you describe your music and style/preferences?

I listen to and enjoy all types of music, from reggae and ska to soul and funk, indie, hip-hop, punk, rock, metal, jazz – you name it. But when I’m DJing out and about I tailor the set to the crowd and the event, so expect lots of ska-punk and punk rock with a few wild cards in the mix. 

How is your podcast going?
It’s going great. I’ve been hosting it for two and a half years now and I’m about to hit 400,000 listeners. I’ve got some great guests coming up, from Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction to actor Rich Brake, best known for playing the Night King in Game Of Thrones. People can find the podcast on Acast, Spotify & iTunes and there are currently 115 episodes available to enjoy. If you like punk, there’s a ton of punk rockers on there, including Roger from Less Than Jake, and Monique from Save Ferris. I’m hoping to record one with John Feldmann on this year’s tour too, as it’s something we’ve been talking about for ages. Years in fact. 

Have you got a favourite podcast of this year so far and why is that your favourite?

I launched Series Two of the podcast in May and the first guest was actor Stephen Graham from This Is England, Snatch and Boardwalk Empire etc. I’d have to say that was my favourite of this year. Not only is he an incredible actor, but he’s also a lovely, lovely man.

Who have been your favourite bands to interview over the course of your career and why do they stand out to you?

Gene Simmons from Kiss is always a great interviewee because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind, even if he knows it’s going to rub people up the wrong way. He gets a bad rap but I find him hilarious. Jesse Hughes from Eagles Of Death Metal is another person I always love sitting down with. Like Gene, he’s a controversial figure, but I guess they’re the kind of guests I like: larger than life outspoken rock stars. The world is somewhat lacking in those these days. I love everyone who’s appeared on my podcast though. I pick the guests so I don’t talk to anyone that I don’t want to and everyone who’s appeared on Life In The Stocks has had something unique and interesting to offer, whether it’s John Lydon, Tom Morello or Doug Stanhope. 

What are your plans after the tour?

I’m DJing the Flogging Molly Cruise in November, which will be a most excellent adventure. I blagged a spot on that after befriending those guys on last year’s Fireball tour. Other than that, just podcasting and DJing around London. And trying to stay out of trouble. 


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