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InMe return with new 2020 album Jumpstart Hope

I have fond memories of hearing InMe’s debut track ‘Underdose’, taken from their first studio album Overgrown Eden. The track resonated with me heavily, I was just a Nu-Metal obsessed teen at the time and Dave McPherson’s raspy, tortured voice and raw guitar blew my mind. They played a show in my city not long after the album released and ...

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InMe: “We are now like an evolved Pokemon or a modified T-800 from The Terminator” Interview.

It’s safe to say InMe have a passionate following. Going by their recent tour and newly released material – it’s easy to see why.  Ahead of the release of their new album , Jumpstart Hope, we caught up with bassist Greg McPherson to talk about the band’s long lasting appeal, new material and the music industry in 2019. First of ...

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