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InMe: “We are now like an evolved Pokemon or a modified T-800 from The Terminator” Interview.

It’s safe to say InMe have a passionate following. Going by their recent tour and newly released material – it’s easy to see why.  Ahead of the release of their new album , Jumpstart Hope, we caught up with bassist Greg McPherson to talk about the band’s long lasting appeal, new material and the music industry in 2019.
First of all: Where have you been? It’s been around 4 years since your last release?
We have been busy we just haven’t released a studio album in 4 years! We have also had some lineup changes, all for the better and the wait is worth it. Dave (McPherson, vocals and guitar) has also been through some personal hardship which has been challenging and sometimes you just have to take some time out and focus on yourself.
Of course you have been on tour with bands like A, Alien Ant Farm, Wheatus, etc. do you see yourself in the same category as these bands?
We don’t really think like that, we tend to just do what we enjoy. We do find it very humbling to share stages with such prestigious acts.
For anyone who haven’t seen you live, what can we expect from an InMe show?
Full on energy. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we do take the music seriously. You will never see a half arsed performance.
So what can we expect from your new album, Jumpstart Hope?
We feel it’s the best album we have ever made. Every song is it’s own entity, no filler, all killer. A true collaboration of a band in their prime.
Do you feel you have grown as a band since your first release in 2003?
Absolutely, in many ways and for the better. I think we are at our strongest in terms of songwriting craft and knowing our sound. The best part about it is that it only took 23 years.
You have recently undergone some line-up changes, does it feel like a whole new band?
It’s like a Pokemon that has just levelled up; it’s still the same Pikachu, now Raichu. An upgraded modified T-800 but now with liquid metal facilities. Basically we’re the same band with a few extra mods.
Being a band since 1996 -do you feel the music industry, as well as the rock genre, has changed?
Everything has changed massively. It’s very hard for bands to make money these days. We always massively appreciate our fans picking up our merch or signing up to our Patreon, it really helps us stay afloat. From touring, to CD sales, it has changed a lot over the years. That said, we still love what we do.
What is the ultimate goal for InMe going into the 2020s?
To release our new album Jumpstart Hope and get started with the next album. Above all, have fun doing what we do and that means more tours and more new music.

Finally, what would be your advice for anyone wanting to make it in the music industry?
It’s very important to have multiple income streams, get yourself out there playing any size venues and don’t be disheartened if you only end up playing to one man and his dog. You have to be in it for the enjoyment, not for financial gains. You can look into getting involved in other areas of the industry to network and build contacts. It’s a tough industry to crack.
Neale McGeever
Neale McGeever
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