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Judas Priest

Heavy Metal Bliss in Norway: Judas Priest & Megadeth at the Oslo Spektrum

What better way to spend a sunny Tuesday evening in the capital city of Norway, i.e. Oslo, than with two of the best and most legendary metal outfits of all time? I am of course referring to US thrash metal stalwarts Megadeth and the British gods of metal that are Judas Priest, two bands who in large part have shaped ...

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Megadeth – Rust In Peace

Some people say Megadeth are in the shadow of Metallica, with singer Dave Mustaine being a former member of Metallica. To those naysayers, I say; “Nay”! Megadeth deserve to be considered as a top quality metal band outright, whatever their previous relationship with Metallica may have been. This is proven by the strength of 1990s “Rust In Peace”. The lineup ...

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