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Onslaught Unveil New Line-up for Bloodstock 

UK thrash metal act Onslaught will unveil their new line up on the main stage at Bloodstock Festival Bloodstock Festival on 10th August, as longstanding members Nige Rockett, Sy Keeler & Jeff Williams are joined by James Perry (drums) and Wayne Dorman (guitar). “The band is genuinely sounding more powerful and aggressively focused than ever before! “ Rockett announced. “James has ...

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Judas Priest

Heavy Metal Bliss in Norway: Judas Priest & Megadeth at the Oslo Spektrum

What better way to spend a sunny Tuesday evening in the capital city of Norway, i.e. Oslo, than with two of the best and most legendary metal outfits of all time? I am of course referring to US thrash metal stalwarts Megadeth and the British gods of metal that are Judas Priest, two bands who in large part have shaped ...

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Testament returned to London with Annihilator and Vader in tow

As thrash gigs go, there are very few bands that are as capable than the pair on this lineup, and they have brought a healthy slab of death metal along for the ride. Finishing off their UK leg of the current tour, Testament have returned to the famed Koko with Annihilator and Vader in tow, each as legendary in their ...

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Machine Head

MACHINE HEAD’s Catharsis too much filler, not enough killer

Machine Head have long since earned their right to be included among the greats of Thrash Metal despite having a few tragic missteps over their 25 years plus career. It brings me no pleasure in writing that this is among one of those missteps but is by no means one of the worst albums of all time, like some have ...

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Tankard – Hymns For The Drunk

Thrash metal with humour comes in the form of Germany’s Tankard who’ve been going strong since 1982, have a “best of” Hymns For The Drunk, on January 12th 2018 Through AFM Records. Featuring Andreas (Gerre) Geremia on vocals, Andreas Gutjahr on guitar, Frank Thorwarth on bass, and Olaf Zissel on drums, for the last three decades the cult heroes have been ...

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Act of Defiance - Old Scars, New Wounds

Review: Act of Defiance – Old Scars, New Wounds

The modern thrash outfit Act of Defiance, which hails from the US and includes former Megadeth six-stringer Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover among others, showed a lot of potential and promise a couple of years ago when the debut offering entitled Birth and the Burial was unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses. While not utterly convincing from start to finish ...

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Blood Red Throne

Live: Blood Red Throne, Met Lounge Peterborough

Peterborough is a funny old place, a breeding ground for plenty of local talent, home of bands like P.S.O.T.Y, The Infernal Sea and Vendetta to name a few. The last two having recently both played at our favourite UK metal festival Bloodstock Open Air (a festival that has much in common with plenty of tonight’s line-up). Despite this though, there ...

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Abattoir’s Mark Caro introduces new band ‘Shark’

Mark Caro, co-founder of 80s thrash metal band Abattoir, has resurfaced fronting Shark, a Los Angeles based three-piece Angeles based three-piece who have just released their debut album, the independently released Extreme Outbreak. Joining guitarist/vocalist Caro in Shark are Craig Miller (from LA club legends A La Carte) on bass and Los Angeles drum veteran, John Poblick. They began work on ...

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Review: Sicada – Requisition

‘Black Sheep’ (Remaster) – This track has enough bite for the listener to be totally engulfed as the thrash becomes apparent. Its bite is definitely just as good as its bark. It instantly allures and feeds on the metal soul. ‘Exit Life’ – Smoulders as it gets into its niche and ravages with blinding riffs and sizzling beats. It’s swift ...

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Review: War Curse – Final Days EP

Nothing was known of War Curse before hitting play, so a quick look across the internet to see who exactly War Curse are. The Facebook band page being the first site to show up, I find that the band have only been around since late 2013, and after several line up changes, they seem to have found the line up ...

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