Monday, July 4, 2022

RAMzines Map of UK Festivals 2013

Festival season is on its way and there are a lot of great festivals happening this year! Its time to start planning which ones...
Larry Griffith

True blues: Blues master Larry Griffith tells what it takes

The blues are not always blue, but sometimes they are the darkest shade of midnight. Larry Griffith grew up the youngest of ten children...
Lars Ulrich

9 famous musicians that suffer with hearing loss and tinnitus

Tinnitus and hearing loss are extremely prevalent among singers, musicians, and those working in the live music industry; with many of the world’s favourite...

Download 2022: Tips for festival virgins, by seasoned veterans

It's only a month to go until we are back on the hallowed ground of Castle Donnington after 3 years without a full-scale festival,...
Lucifer's Child The Wiccan

Through still waters and Unholy Fires – A brief note on the brilliance of...

For those of you out there who treasure deeply atmospheric black metal, there is a record from 2015 entitled The Wiccan by the Greek...
Once Human

Once Human’s Lauren Hart talks finding her voice

LA-based Groove Metallers, Once Human are primed to release their third full-length album, Scar Weaver on February 11th via Edel Music/Ear Music. Frontwoman Lauren Hart took time out...

Enter the tomb of terror – An introduction to Corroder

In early 2022, a Norwegian thrash metal act named Corroder unleashed a violent musical tempest via Bandcamp and a limited-edition cassette containing five tracks...
If Nothing Is

At The Apex of Desolation – An Interview with If Nothing Is

Yours truly had a profound musical experience back in September 2021, when Dark Essence Records unleashed a remixed and remastered version of the self-titled...
Ozzy Osbourne’s Excellent Down To Earth

Can You Hear Them? A Short Piece On Ozzy Osbourne’s Excellent Down To Earth

When legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) released his first post-millennial record titled Down to Earth in October 2001, six years had passed since...
Green Bullfrog

RAMzine Classic – Green Bullfrog reaches its 50 (and 30) year anniversary

When, in 1972, an album was released that featured artists named Boots, The Boss, The Vicar, Sleepy, Sorry, Pinta, Speedy, Bevy and Jordan, it...