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Hard Rock Hell ‘Cirque Du Rock’ Preview

Hard Rock Hell is back! With the excellent reviews from last year and a mega line-up booked for 2013! Hard Rock Hell is rising and becoming more and more popular each time round!

If you was at Hard Rock Hell last year im sure that you already have your ticket, because Hard Rock Hell isn’t just a festival, its more then that, its got such a different vibe to the standard sunny festival. In fact Kobra Page of Kobra and the Lotus summed up HRH IV perfectly”

kobra lotusHard Rock Hell is always something we can always expect and depend on to be a fun experience… this festival is very different because the artists can hangout and visit the music enthusiasts that come hear to enjoy the festival, it’s a very different level of personal engagement”

It is a more personal festival, and I know that people sometimes say that smaller festivals are good as bands and fans are united as one, but with this one that really is true. Theres something about being at a holiday camp that adds to the family atmosphere, I guess its because thats essentially what the site itself is made for. This doesn’t take away from the gig venue at all though. Being a short lady, I found I could actually see the stage from wherever I wanted to stand. This festival being at a holiday park certainly has its benefits. You might think November and festivals don’t mix, but here it really dose. This isn’t your typical tent festival, hear everyone has a caravan, and its cosy and warm. All of the stages are located inside, with a bar in close proximity at all times.

Skindred are the lastest additions to the Hard Rock Hell line-up, after a fantastic summer of touring the world Skindred are at an absolute high at the moment, they bring with them a new sort of sound to usual at Hard Rock Hell. They mix Reggae with Punk and Metal. Black Star Riders, and Airbourne make absolute classic headliners, and this is an excellent thing! These are bands who invoke Hard Rock, and both put on fantastic performances! They automatically create the hard rock atmosphere, before even appearing on stage. Other hard rock classics making an appearance across the weekend include Michael Monroe, The Answer, Black Spiders, Vodoo Six, and more.

Unfortunately weekend tickets sold out in May for this event! But there are a limited number of day passes left for anyone who wishes to snap one up! You can buy tickets at the following page: https://www.hardrockhell.com/tickets/index.php

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