Monday, February 26, 2024

RAMzine Issue 12 – Festival Previews, In Flames, Johnny Deathshadow

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Aerosmith, Airborne, Amon Amarth – three very different style bands, yet we are very excited to see all of them headline festivals this summer! RAMzine’s traditional Festival Previews Feature returns in this issue, as we come into the new year and start planning our summer.

We had a chance to catch up with Anders of In Flames just before their show at London O2 for this edition, to talk good booze, L.A. sun, and not being old! We also introduce you to skull-faced goth-metallers, Johnny Deathshadow

Reviews of // 1968 // Plainride // The Parasite Syndicate // All Else Fails // Idles //Kreator // Primal Attack // Wars // Once Human // Deaf Havana //Homebound // Zeal & Ardor // Darko // Beyond Recall //Verena // Cedar Boulevard // Elase //Cosmosquad // A Breach of Silence // Def Leppard //

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