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Rock and metal bands to watch in 2023

Rock and Metal genres never fail to impress us with electrifying energy and powerful vocals. As we move towards 2023, there are several legendary and upcoming rock and metal bands that you should keep an eye on.

Picks from RAMzine Editor, Victoria Purcell:

One such band is Greta Van Fleet, an American rock band formed in 2012. This group was inspired by classic rock legends like Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Cream. Their debut album Anthem of The Peaceful Army released in 2018 received critical acclaim for its throwback sound. With their energetic performances and soulful lyrics, they have captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. A new album is said to be on the way in 2023.

Another promising band is Code Orange from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are known for their intense live shows that blend elements of hardcore punk with heavy metal riffs. Their 2020 album Underneath released in showcases their versatility as musicians. In Febuary of 2023 they released What Really Is Underneath? which is forward-thinking and took unexpected twists and turns.

If you’re into heavier sounds then Spiritbox might be your cup of tea! This Canadian trio combines both melodic singing with brutal screams making it a unique experience for any listener’s ears! They will be touring the UK this July with most dates already sold out, and perhaps we may hear some new music towards the end of this year!?

Seething Akira from Brighton are another exciting band to watch out for! Their progressive soundscapes blended with a heavy amount of electronic influences make them stand out amongst other bands. It’s great to see that they’ve been announced for this year’s Bloodstock Festival, and we hope to see them on more festival stages in the future! Their latest album Nozomi is said to be “an intense journey through the human condition and it’s response to hope.”

RAMzine Assistant Editor, Jay Brown chooses:

Turnstile have been on the scene since 2013, appealing to hardcore, post-hardcore and punk fans alike. The band have been building a steady momentum since their first release, with 2018’s and 2021’s studio albums helping to establish a wider fanbase, with the band racking up tour miles and deserved attention 2022 could be the year they finally push through.

The next bands are chosen by variouse RAMzine Writers, first up Tom Dixon picks:

Brave Rival are my ones to watch in 2023 as provided they get the backing and time, the second album is eagerly awaited and, if it is as good as the debut, they must surely achieve countrywide (and global) recognition, enabling bigger venue tours so that they reach more people. They are as good live as the album suggests!

Jens Nepper picks:

Lords of Form – Somewhere between space rock, psychedelic rock, prog rock, and strange sounds emanating from other dimensions, you will find Lords of Form. If their debut album (Flying Chromium Society) from earlier on this year is anything to go by, we can expect their upcoming record in 2023 to be a uniquely surreal, musically adventurous, and all-out impressive piece of work.

Dale Unsworth picks:

Heriot are vaguely reminiscent of Code Orange; aggressively heavy and appearing almost out of nowhere with intense hardcore influences and a potentially exciting career trajectory full of experimentation. Hopefully, Heriot end up back on tour in support of their latest release, Profound Morality, and perhaps end up supporting another titan of the metal world.

Chris James Ryan can’t choose just one so picks:

Health, The Amity Affliction, Motionless In White and Ice Nine Kills are all popular bands that have made a name for themselves in the music industry. Each of these bands has their own unique sound that sets them apart from other groups.

Health are an American noise rock band that was formed in Los Angeles in 2006. Their music is characterized by its heavy use of distortion and electronic elements. They are known for their high-energy live performances and have gained a reputation as one of the loudest bands around.

The Amity Affliction are an Australian metalcore band that was formed in 2003. Their music combines heavy guitar riffs with melodic vocals to create a unique sound that has earned them a loyal fanbase around the world. They often explore themes related to mental health and personal struggles in their lyrics.

Motionless In White are an American gothic metal band that was formed in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2005. Their music features dark lyrics and heavy instrumentation, drawing influences from both metal and industrial genres. They are known for their theatrical live shows which often feature elaborate costumes and stage props.

Ice Nine Kills are another American metalcore band whose music draws inspiration from horror movies and literature. They often incorporate spoken word passages into their songs to tell stories or convey messages about social issues like mental health awareness or addiction recovery.

All four of these bands share a common thread: they create powerful, emotional music that resonates with fans on a deep level. Whether you’re looking for aggressive noise rock or hauntingly beautiful melodies, there’s something here for everyone who loves loud guitars and intense vocals!

Neil Mach chooses:

Florence Black with their cutting lyrics, shattering rhythms, and jaw-dropping musicianship, they find the sweet spot in the guitar rock sound that sits between holy grind and sweetly sour connotation. They will be main-staging Hellfest 2023!

These are just some examples among many others who will surely make a mark within Rock & Metal communities around the world over these next few years ahead!

Victoria Purcell
Victoria Purcell
Editor of RAMzine - Creator of content. Chaser of Dreams. Lover of cats, metal, and anthemic sounds. \m/

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