UK EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of Jordan Red track ‘Don’t Let The Heavens Fall’

Jordan Red
Jordan Red

Made up of London based band members Daniel Leigh (Vocals) and Dan Baker (Guitar), Jordan Red are a high energy rock band full of anthemic sounds ready to unleash more new music on the UK. Listen to their new track ‘Don’t Let The Heavens Fall’ for the first time here on RAMzine. 

Taken from the bands forthcoming debut album, Hands That Built The World (set for release this Autumn), their new single catches your attention for the sheer thrill of the powerful vocals and the sound is melodic and gritty enough to satisfy your audial needs. The smack it gives out as it flows through the sound waves sees Jordan Red ooze huge amounts of talent. The track was mixed and mastered by Romesh Dodangoda who has previously worked with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine & Don Broco.

‘Don’t Let The Heavens Fall’ looks at our search for meaning in an age of opposing politics and fake news when most people have their heads buried in the sand.”

– Jordan Red

Watch the lyric video for ‘Don’t Let The Heavens Fall’  here:

Jordan Red speak about ‘Don’t Let The Heavens Fall’ in detail: “This isn’t a ‘can’t we all just get along’ track. This is a ‘if you want to take what’s important to me, you’ll have to come through me first’ track. With all the turmoil happening around the world it can be challenging to zoom out and take a look at what really matters to us but this isn’t something we can ignore. We wanted to write a song that takes a stand against those that want to violently tear down civilization and the post modernists that see our lives as meaningless. These people are divisive and dangerous and it’s a mistake to accept their fundamentally anti-human narrative.

The chorus’ lyrics, ‘time is calling, it’s a final warning, this is more than just a game/but we still remain the same‘ is really a reminder that we have been here before and already seen where this goes. One look at our not so distant history tells us we shouldn’t take for granted the lives of those who have fought and died in wars to protect the culture we have inherited. Tearing down our heritage and religions whilst putting blind faith in career politicians or ideologues really doesn’t seem like a very smart strategy for a sustainable future.”

‘Don’t Let The Heavens Fall’ is out on 15th May 2020, save the single on Spotify here:

Jordan Red - Don't Let The Heavens Fall
Jordan Red – ‘Don’t Let The Heavens Fall‘ Artwork



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