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GUEST BLOGGERS: Marianne Harris’ Best of 2012

Well I think that was pretty decent. 2012 that is. So it rained alot, always a festival organiser’s worst nightmare. Actually, always a festie goers worst nightmare when you’ve got to sleep in a soggy tent, all your underwear is damp and you have to watch your favourite bands under a hail of water. It’s pretty pants for photographers too. Rain in your eye a camera is a GIT to get out. And plastic bags wrapped round your feet and around your camera are sooo attractive.

Seriously though, I had a good year, and it would seem that despite the unruly demise of many an incredible little venue bowed down to the pressures of the shitty economy and poor turn outs, all the rain, festivals being cancelled left right and centre, Gangnam Style being such a massive global phenomenon…the appearance of just a few great new bands into my life (and hopefully yours), along with some stonking new album releases, and some damn good times at soggy festivals made it all seem okay.

RAMzine asked me to write about some highlights, my ‘best of’. So here you go. 🙂


1. Groezrock, Meerhout, Belgium
Sunny weather, diverse lineup, good company, friendly staff, easy to navigate site, awesome Monster Energy/Front Magazine party, site buggy escapades, press treated well. Get slightly tipsy *ahem* every year and love it. Enough said. Fave festival without a doubt.

2. Butserfest , Petersfield, UK
I’ve had a soft spot for this festival for the last 3 years. A field full of kids absolutely loving life, listening to some awesome music, meeting their idols and playing on massive inflatable games. And no parental worries about alcohol or drugs. And I had a radio!!! My rock/metal tent was clearly awesome too. You should have come. No really you should have.

3. Takedown Festival, Southampton, UK
The first outing for this brand new one day festival. And it was actually amazing. And everyone said so. A LOT of my favourite bands all in one place and a lotlotlot of familiar faces. Also the very first time I saw both Mallory Knox and Max Raptor, two of the BEST discoveries of 2012. I can’t wait for TD 2013.

4. Slam Dunk South, Hatfield, UK
Leeds is the sister venue and original home of this now established annual event, but I prefer Hatfield I think. Rooms are more accessible, more room to roam about, which in turn means less people traffic, and it’s a bit closer to home. The main stage being outside also rocks. As long as it’s not raining. It didn’t rain this year. It was blisteringly sunny. Winner.

5. Redfest, Redhill, Surrey
My first experience of Redfest was this year. I’d heard good things. I had fun, even if I did decide to sleep in my car for a night. wontmakethatmistakeagain. I also made some good new friends. You can catch me here next year, bossing people around in the alternative rock/metal stage.


1. Don BrocoPriorities
STUFFED full of massive tunes that make me want to dance around my kitchen, sashaying every few seconds. It’s catchy, upbeat and makes me happy. It’s also very highly rated by both my kids. Don Broco, delighting audiences and uniting family musical tastes since 2007.

2. While She SleepsThis Is The Six
Debut album from THE underground buzz band of 2011. I was expecting good and wasn’t disappointed. In fact it’s better than I expected, which is never a bad thing. It’s ‘rousing’. Oh, you know what I mean! Here’s hoping album #2 can live up to expectations too.

3. Demoraliser ‘A Living Nightmare’
Saw them a couple times this year, was pretty impressed. Heard the album and BAM. Straight in as one of my faves of the year. They sound like The Ghost Inside. This sounds huge. Instant fan. Buy it.

4. Deaf Havana ‘Fools and Worthless Liars’
Once a Deaf Havana fan always a DH fan. This hasn’t got any screaming in it. If you’re still hanging onto DH circa 2009 please get over it. This is quintessentially what Deaf Havana are about, and it’s a bloody brilliant album. Always going to be in love with Jamesy‘s voice.

5. Feed the RhinoThe Burning Sons
Like a pleasant kick in the nuts. I imagine. That’s all I actually have to say on the matter. Except go see FTR live.

Other 2012 highlights

Being at festivals and just watching bands. Weird.
Having my first magazine cover shot. And second.
An Honourable Reign by Bury Tomorrow. TUNE!
Making music videos.
Going to festivals with bands. Finally.
Too many good album releases to mention.
European trips.
Monster Energy.
Macbeth shoes.
Doing non photo type jobs. Like event management.
Shooting BFMV and Jona Weinhofen.
Meeting new people that make music that makes me grin (Max Raptor, Mallory Knox, Subsource, Astroid Boys, Tu Amore, Demoraliser, Crossfaith, A Call to Sincerity, Palm Reader, Violet)

The best of 2013?

Fully expecting good things and new albums from Mallory Knox, Heart in Hand, Max Raptor, The Valiant, and Vanna. They’re all going to be in my highlights of 2013.


Team RAM: We asked Marianne to provide us with her personal favourite photo that she took herself this year. She couldn’t decide….! But we’re glad to reveal that her 12 favourites of the year have been made into wallpapers which you can download over at!

Cheri Faulkner
Cheri Faulkner
21 year old girl, living in Leeds, drinking too much Irn Bru and writing too much, predominantly about music, though I dabble in film, lifestyle and wrestling too.

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