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Benefits Of Playing On A No-Download Casino

How do you understand the concept of “no download casino”? Let us begin by saying that online casinos usually make their games available through a free downloadable casino software or instant play. This means that you can directly play their games on your internet browser without any necessary download. The same goes for the concept of no-download casinos. They are casinos that offer instant play games without downloads.

Alexander Nereng as our guest author here explains the concepts behind a no download casino. The early forms of online casino games required one to always download a casino game if you wanted to gamble online. Users had no choice but to first download and install their free casino games. Also, if you did not have a good computer with a fast processing speed, storage space and RAM (Random Access Memory). It was a hell of an experience.

Casino software developers wanted an internet based browser casino game to allow people to access these games instantly without being worried about downloading the software. The best online casinos in Norway nowadays offer players with both types of games. Whether you wish to download or just play instantly, it is a matter of choice.

Talking about the benefit derived from playing on a no-download online casino, the biggest advantage would be that it will work on your “machine”. That means whichever operating system or device you are using, as far as you have installed the right browser. The games will load and you will be able to play. Generally, we want to consider the benefits one can derive from playing on no download online casinos.

  1. It does not consume your memory space: “I don’t have space to download that game”. That complaint sounds familiar when people are asked to download a software, video etc. It’s different with no-download casinos as they don’t require space. The only thing you need to do is enter into your browser and start playing.
  2. It doesn’t slow down your device: Norway best odds can be assessed on any kind of device. Playing a no-download slot game would not lag since everything is cloud based. Playing on a no-download online casino does not tamper with the regular operation of the device.
  3. It is fast: Another good thing about no-download casino games is that your device performs very well and fast since it uses a minimal RAM. So long as you have a good and stable internet connection the games would not hang and you enjoy uninterruptible fun.
  4. They are compatible with all software: No download online casino games can be accessed on all software platforms. Whether it is android, Mac OS, Linux. They are not specific like their downloadable counterparts. All you need is internet connection and you can access them at your comfort.
  5. Game playtime is secure: In some device apps, leaving them and returning causes one to lose progress and start afresh. It is annoying especially if you have made tremendous progress in it. There are no such issues found when playing any no-download casino game.
  6. Play a variety of games every day: When once you download a particular game it feels like a commitment and you are unlikely to download many more considering the process, stress involved and space consumed. The case is different for no-download casinos games, you don’t have to worry about a few games you have downloaded. Play as many games as possible and never be tired of trying a new one.


There are a lot of no-downloadable online casinos available, research and see the one that suits you best. Consider factors such as customer support service, variety of games, deposit/withdrawals etc. Make sure you use an online casino that has been licensed and legally certified. Then you can enjoy your favorite online casino games with just a good internet connection and browser.

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