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Bono: A Irish Pioneer and Musician

U2 are one of the most famous names in rock music globally. They have sold over 170 million records during their career and have just recently finished a 40-concert residency in Las Vegas. You might think you know all you need to know about the Irish sensations, but this article is going to give you a little bit more knowledge about the group’s lead singer, Bono, who has been performing for over five decades now.

Improving the Global Reputation of Ireland

Nowadays, the Irish culture has spread far and wide, partly due to the growth of the Irish American community, with some of the biggest St.Patrick’s Day celebrations occurring in the US. Irishness has further been immortalised across the entertainment industry, for example, in slots and games such as Pot of Fortune, which takes place in the countryside of Ireland, as well as in Hollywood, which has produced movies like ‘P.S. I Love You’.

That said, in the 70s and 80s, the reputation of Ireland wasn’t as positive. Through their music, Bono and his bandmates not only improved the worldwide reputation of Ireland on the world stage but also educated their fanbase on Irish history, most famously with the songs ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’ and ‘Peace on Earth’. He regularly performs with an Irish flag and still resides in the country.

Christmas Tradition

Bono has long been known for his outstanding charity work. Along with Bob Geldof, he spearheaded the Live Aid movement both in the 80s and the 00s. He has met with some of the world leaders to discuss peace, the fight against famine, and other humanitarian efforts. However, what’s not so well known outside of Ireland is that Bono is regularly a fixture on Dublin’s main shopping street on Christmas Eve. With Glen Hansard, Bono busks for the evening to raise money and awareness of the ongoing work of the Simon Community, a homeless charity, in the country’s capital. For one of the most famous people in the world to busk on the busiest day of the year may seem odd, but it has continued through the years and attracts people to the city centre each year.

Photo by Kevin Dowling via Unsplash

Sunglasses in Winter

The frontman’s distinctive eyewear is actually due to a medical condition. Glaucoma has afflicted the singer for decades, and he is rarely seen without the shades, which provide protection from light that can damage his eyes. Because of the affliction, he has become synonymous with wearing glasses, and he even appeared wearing them in cartoon form in The Simpsons 200th episode.

Although U2 and Bono are definitely best known for their songs in the 80s and 90s, they continue to be a force in the rock and roll world. With over 20 Grammys to their name and a host of other awards, some not related to music at all, it doesn’t look like their motivation has waned as they continue to blaze a trail for artists all over the world. 

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