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Bad Wolves are ‘Hungry For Life’

The acclaimed platinum-selling hard rock ensemble Bad Wolves have joined forces with the esteemed Grammy contender and rock artist Chris Daughtry to unleash their powerful new single ‘Hungry For Life.’ The track is available for digital consumption starting today, May 10th, through Better Noise Music.

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This track is a poignant anthem that captures the essence of sprinting through existence, burdened by pain and enduring relentless challenges. Then comes the hope, igniting a flame of optimism as the track crescendos. ‘Hungry For Life’ emerges as a beacon, illuminating the shadows with light.

Bad Wolves had this to say…

Bad Wolves vocalist D.L. states that it’s a song about “resilience, the pursuit of purpose, and the will to rise above life’s challenges in the face of adversity.” Having Chris Daughtry on the track added a new dynamic to Bad Wolves sound, D.L said “We’ve all been fans of Daughtry for a long time, and when we heard him sing on this, we were floored. We hope you love it, stay hungry Wolfpack!”

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