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Best websites for musicians and bands to find royalty-free music

So you like listening to some cool and fun melodies? Okay, perhaps you want to add a soundtrack to your commercial project. Whatever might be the reason, you might probably be looking for the most suitable royalty-free music website that you can use in 2022. Music is a vital component that binds a video together. 

It can communicate a mood, serve as a key catalyst for your audience and save your video from feeling monotonous. However, choosing the best free music website for your music video can be challenging, especially if you have a limited budget. 

Understanding Royalty-Free Music

Before jumping to the top websites for musicians and music brands to find royalty-free music, it is better first to understand it. Royalty-free music refers to a distinct kind of production music or stock music created for unlimited use in any number and type of applications and productions. 

In addition, royalty-free music does not require any extra license charges owed to the publisher or composer when it is used. While many people think of royalty-free music as entirely free, you need to pay a one-time fee. After that, you can use the music track unlimited times. For instance, if you bought a royalty-free music license to use in your music video, you’d pay a single fee whether your video obtained 100 or 10,000 views.

In addition, the advantages of picking royalty-free music – for the sake of price, legality and ease – are enormous. Few businesses have the time or tendency to wade through the lawful side of obtaining copyrighted music, much less the resources to spend for it. It is why royalty-free music can be a great help for musicians and music brands. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the top royalty-free music sites. 


With music tracks open for as little as $1, AudioJungle presents different genres of royalty-free music you could hope for – from heavy metal to pop through to instrumental and vocal tracks. The website likewise presents a spectrum of sound effects and music kits. Whatever audio files you are looking for, you will find plenty in their collection. 

In addition, AudioJungle extends monthly freebies for musicians and music bands for you to enjoy, including video effects, royalty-free music, 3D assets, stock footage and stock photography. Furthermore, you can even commission your music tracks via Envato Market, an innovative ecosystem with more than 35,000 experienced designers, developers and music makers making all the assets you require for your projects.


InVideo offers you access to hundreds and thousands of royalty-free sound effects and music tracks free of cost. You can find the most suitable background free music for your band video fast by exploring according to mood or genre and adding your desired track with just one click. Nevertheless, the disadvantage is that you cannot download these music tracks to use them on any other video editor such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. 


An extended arm of the global image library, Shutterstock, PremiumBeat’s website is effortless to guide, so you can immediately find what you are searching for. They are designed by music professionals’ library of royalty-free music to give you the polished feel you’ll only usually gain from big production units. 

All music tracks are exclusive and free for copyright. People like most about this website because it is not loaded with data. There’s no disarraying with PremiumBeat, and you always get the support of Shutterstock. 


Pond5 is well-known as the world’s most extensive array of royalty-free stock video and creative assets. The sheer extent of the media that they present is outstanding. So, how does a library of 500,000 music tracks pick from sound?

Their thematic collection is spot-on, covering everything from orchestral to adventure, introspection and even warfare. All these make it effortless to choose the perfect sound for your medium and offer sound effects, royalty-free stock video and after-effects. 


If there were a reward for the most suitable royalty-free music website, then Soundstripe would always top the list. Nevertheless, there’s more to this website than merely a concise name. 

Geared up to deliver production music solutions, Soundstripe varies from some other royalty-free music websites as it’s a subscription service rather than a mechanism of purchasing single license music tracks.

Your membership allows you to get access to endless licenses to their hand-picked music assemblage. It is incredibly reflexive and effortless to use.


Storyblocks provides endless access to their music library of over 100,000 soundtracks, and that is a lot of music tracks to search through. In addition, there are zero download limits, and you can download and implement them as much as you like. Also, you can look at the most famous tracks.

All music tracks available on Storyblocks can be employed royalty-free for private or commercial tasks. Their listings are constantly updated, so you forever get fresh audio to pick from. In addition, you can look for the kind of music you require, or you can take help from a series of cues that ask you to select certain genres, moods and instruments before it pitches up relevant suggestions. 


Bensound is yet another royalty-free music website built by Benjamin Tissot – a musician and composer based in France. The website is a little more dynamic than other alternatives, making navigation a bit difficult when you initially land on it. That said, there is no disordering as you can move directly into the music tracks with no explanation or preamble. 

If you do not have much time to explore your music, Bensound is an excellent way to be. In addition, a great reward with Bensound is that as long as you credit this website with any theme used in online websites, videos or animations, you will be allowed to utilise some tracks free of cost under a Creative Commons License.

YouTube Audio Library

If you own a Youtube account, you will likewise hold free of cost access to YouTube’s Audio Library. It lists hundreds and thousands of sound effects and royalty-free music that you can utilize in your music video. 

It is effortless to filter music tracks by mood, genre, and license kind. All tracks documented on the YouTube Audio Library remain organised by YouTube as “copyright safe”. However, some demand attribution, so you need to make sure that you check before employing them in your video. 

The Bottom Line 

With this comprehensive list of the best websites for musicians and bands to find royalty-free music, you can readily get access to hundreds and thousands of soundtracks and themes free of cost. This will assist you in covering everything from picking a topic to preparing for a shoot and editing your video.

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