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3TEETH release new track ‘Merchant Of The Void’

LA’s industrial metal band, 3TEETH, have released their latest single titled ‘Merchant Of The Void.’ This new track marks the beginning of a series of monthly releases leading up to their fourth studio album set to drop later this summer through Century Media Records. Amidst the chaos caused by artificial intelligence taking over and climate change warnings escalating out of control, humans are left grappling with an existential crisis. Through ‘Merchant Of The Void,’ 3TEETH offers a brutal perspective on this reality as they embark on a new era of sonic exploration.

Accompanying the release is an impressive graphic video created by Matteo Santoro – one of Hollywood’s top animators who also happens to be childhood friends with frontman Alexis Mincolla. The video takes viewers on an epic journey into hyper-consumerism through space-folding Lovecraftian visuals that are nothing short of stunning.

3TEETH frontman and creative visionary Alexis Mincolla describes the track:

”Amidst the numbing pulse of hypermodernity, the insatiable appetite of data commodification devours our sense of meaning. The undead march of materialism eventually renders the human subject an automaton, desperately grasping for the ephemeral junk 2.0 to fill the abyss of existential emptiness. The self devolves into a mere echo, a ghostly spectre caught in the whirlwind of techno-capital acceleration, the very essence of its being devoured by the machinery of its own weaponized desires. If the future eludes your vision, fear not, The Merchant of The Void is standing by and eager to sell it to you. Welcome to the cold descent into the black hole of total absolute commodification.  In the words of William S. Burrough; ‘The junk merchant doesn’t sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client.”

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