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Abertooth Lincoln’s Mother’s Coming

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio in the USA, Abertooth Lincoln is an aggressive, spacey hardcore progressive punk band. Their music is heavy, weird, complicated and can flip genres within seconds.

Their lyrics bounce between biting satire and direct, harsh social commentary, delivered with commanding energy by the charismatic personage Edith Coleslaw, aka Ashley Pooler.

Their somewhat twisted single ‘Mother Is Coming‘ is out on Riot Records, and they have just released an official performance video for it.

“‘Mother is Coming’ is a self-loathing acknowledgement of our own complacency and the overwhelming guilt and helplessness felt when reflecting on the hypocrisy of religion,” revealed the band.

“We turn a blind eye to the terrible treatment of children and families at the border, with the willingness to justify our own comfort and security over those not as fortunate. It’s a desperate plea for earth to punish us all for the sins of neglect, greed, and the insatiable pursuit of human self-interest.”

You can listen/buy ‘Mother Is Coming by clicking here and check out the audio video to it right here at RAMzine also.

‘Mother Is Coming follows a series of singles dropped last year, beginning with ‘Hell House’, that was described as one minute frantically going “from L7 to Dillinger Escape Plan to an almost Mr Bungle-esque frenzy topped with some B52’s weirdness”.

You might want to check it out, and you can do just that as a video was produced to accompany it that you can watch here at RAMzine.

“This is the story of two naive but rebellious teenagers that magically get transported to a world within a comic book, in which they are subjected to the horrors of an evangelical hell house attraction,” said the band at the time. “To save others from experiencing the same trauma and judgement, the teens take matters into their own hands, waging a bloody battle against the demons of Hell House.

“Hell Houses are a real thing, managed by evangelical churches in every state. They are run by people who get off on judging and condemning their neighbours, and pretending to be actual demons dragging sinners to hell. It’s violent indoctrination and fear tactics used on teens, and we thought it’d be fun if the people that do this sorta thing got sent to hell for a change.”

You can stream/buy ‘Hell House’ by clicking here.

Abertooth Lincoln followed that up with ‘Soup For My Family’ on which the band commented: “This song is a response to the violent and subversive actions taken by undercover federal officers, police and right-wing militia against BLM protesters during the summer of 2020 in US cities. In Portland, Oregon people were literally pulled off of the street and forced into unmarked cars for simply protesting. The military sought to use heat ray guns against protesters in DC in September.

“Federal troops were sent into cities, and there are countless, documented examples of ‘mysterious people’ taking actions to discredit the movement, doing things such as ‘brick baiting’ or vandalizing property in an effort to distort the story and incite further destruction that could then be blamed on the protests. Then you have police gassing the streets to make way for Trump to stand in front of a church, bible in hand, for a photo shoot. Sounds like some Escape From New York level fiction, but it’s really happening. This is our very angry song about it.”

You pre-order/save ‘Soup For My Family’ here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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