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Beth Hart’s Still Got You

Out now, ‘You Still Got Me’ a new impassioned single courtesy of Beth Hart, released on the Provogue/Mascot Label Group and available on all streaming platforms.  

Also available is a video for the song that you can check out here at RAMzine – It features footage of Hart interacting with her fans, a connection that is felt deeply in both directions, along with personal footage of Beth and her husband, Scott. 
Produced by the Kevin Shirley and recorded in the musical heart of Nashville, Tennessee, the song is a piano-led window into Hart. Her enchanting vocals spiralling around a gorgeous string arrangement that wouldn’t sound out of place front and centre in a Martin Scorsese movie.
The song opens with the singer tearful lamenting, “He asked me if I need a hug,  I said I got nothin inside left to love, and then he said, But baby ya still got, baby you still got me,” before the chorus swirls up to the heavens as she yearns, “There’ll be sweet dreams waiting to come true If you let me in if you ask me to,  Sweet songs that will live on and on, If you let me in, if you ask me to, I will love you strong, but if you can’t get free… You still got me.”

Talking about the song, Hart said, “This is a true story. I had a moment where I wasn’t in a positive mood, and I was hanging out on the couch, crying pretty hard, and Scott said, ‘Hey, do you need a hug?’ I said,  I’ve got nothing inside left to love, and he said, you still got me. I said, hang on a minute; I’ll be right back. I went downstairs and used those words and how he said it. You say something like that, and someone who you love so much says back, but you’ve still got me. It’s true. If I’ve still got him, I’ve still got everything.”

‘You Still Got Me’ follows ‘Little Heartbreak Girl’, that was released in March. The song came after a period of introspection and recovery for Hart. While facing personal mental health challenges, she chose to channel her experiences into her music, offering solace and strength to those who listen. Hart’s decision to share this song is a powerful reminder of music’s ability to heal and unite us, especially in the most challenging times. It’s not only as a testament to Hart’s incredible artistry but also as an offering of appreciation to her fans. The song’s rich, emotive lyrics and Hart’s powerful vocals create an intimate musical experience that resonates with the spirit of perseverance and hope.

With a career marked by critical acclaim and countless accolades, Beth Hart has solidified her place as one of the most influential and heartfelt voices in music today. Her journey, marked by triumphs and trials, reflects her relentless dedication to her craft and fans. Hart’s music, infused with her raw, soulful energy, has captivated audiences worldwide, earning her top spots on the Billboard Blues charts and performances at iconic venues like Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome and London’s Royal Albert Hall.

There is an electrifying connection between Hart and her fans, one that’s almost unrivalled. Her ability to touch people with her music and words that cut through straight to the heart means that she lives every word she sings, and fans hang on to each word, living it with her. ‘You Still Got Me’ offers fans a chance to hold and comfort her as she continues to navigate her journey with grace and courage.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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