Monday, April 15, 2024

BLESSTHEFALL release brand new single ‘Up In Flames’!

I am extremely excited to announce that BLESSTHEFALL have released their brand new single ‘Up In Flames’ today through Fearless Records. The single has been released on YouTube and is available on ITunes; I, for one am very impressed with this single and the anticipation for the release of their new album To Those Left Behind coming to us September 18th is killing me!

After the release of Hollow Bodies which landed at #15 on the US Billboard Top 200, I was certain the band couldn’t get any better, but after hearing ‘Up In Flames’ I am excited to see how they have progressed from the three albums they already have. Beau Bokan himself explains:

“As a band we are constantly trying to outdo ourselves and take a step forward with each record, with this new album we’ve taken a giant fucking leap forward and are at our absolute best as musicians and song writers. We’re looking forward to seeing where this album will take us.”

And I don’t doubt for a second that they are not at their best!


Purchase the track, ‘Up In Flames‘, here –

Amber Spencer
Amber Spencer
I'm Amber, aspiring photographer and filmmaker from Kent. I've loved gaming since I can remember and own 4 cats. Post hardcore is my favorite sub genre of rock, and thats about it!

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