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Bonfire – Crazy For You

German melodic hard rock band Bonfire release their new album Temple Of Lies on 13th April through AFM Records, and have just released a new lyric video for the track ‘Crazy For You’ that appears on the record.

Formed by guitarist Hans Ziller, Bonfire rose from the ashes of a previous group Cacumen formed as far back as 1972, and originally featured several members of that group. Since forming as Bonfire in 1986 they have 1986 released more than two dozen albums, becoming an internationally successful act through popular albums such as Fireworks (1987), Point Blank (1989) and more recently Branded (2011).

Temple Of Lies finds Ziller, fellow guitarist Frank Pané, bass player Ronnie Parkes, and drummer Tim Breideband joined on record for the first time by vocalist Alexx Stahl, who joined the fold two years ago. “With this line-up, we’ll be able to increase the hardness level of our material whenever we feel like it. Numbers such as ‘Temple Of Lies’ and ‘Stand Or Fall’ wouldn’t have been possible with previous line-ups,” said Ziller.

“We were extremely lucky to find Alexx,” Ziller continued. “He’s a team player who looks after his voice in a totally professional way and treats it like the important tool that it is. He doesn’t smoke and prepares optimally for every show. In addition, Alexx is a really nice guy. Being at the helm of the band, I couldn’t be happier to have him in the band.” As for the rest of the band, he described Pané as “one of the most awesome musicians I’ve ever worked with” and the rhythm section “seem to have reinvented the groove.”

Temple Of Lies was produced by Ziller at Flatliners Recording Studios in Ingolstadt, is said to cover a diverse of rockers, ballads and even a track titled ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’ featuring a reggae groove verse. The album itself kicking off with ‘In The Beginning’, featuring American voice actor David Michael Williamson. It will also feature a 20 minute bonus track ‘Friedensreich II. – The Return Of The Zünsler Into The T.O.L.’, a humorous sound collage that is said to bring to mind Frank Zappa!



Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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