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Los Angeles D-beat group D.I.S have announced they are releasing their new full-length later this year. Entitled Becoming Wrath, the album will be the first release with the new line up and is set to be release on November 1st via Deep Six Records

Guitarist Bruce Reeves commented: “With this new D.I.S. line-up, the level of brutality has risen greatly. [Vocalist] Jon Tomala and [guitarist] Alex Vahle have brought a new level of rage to the D.I.S. sound. Ears will surely be crushed! We’re eager to get this out there for everyone to hear and to get out on the road with these songs in October.”

Track listing as follows:

1. Becoming Wrath

2. Assimilation

3. Stay Damned

4. No Guillotine Like The Truth

5. Sea Of Disdain

6. Scarabs Nest

7. Built For The End

8. Edges

9. The Crushing Low

Check out a new song here.

Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty
A metalhead residing the birthplace of metal - Birmingham!

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