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Death X Destiny’s Dreamwalker

Death X Destiny, is a new electronic-rock duo project from The Browning’s Jonny McBee in collaboration with his wife, Moon, that explores the more melodic, anthemic rock side of McBee’s main band and debuts Moon as a vocalist.

Having released the single ‘Defiance’ last year, they returned with fierce second single ‘Eternal (What Do You See?)’ earlier this year and now issue ‘Dreamwalker’.

With pulsating beats and haunting melodies, and poignant lyrics, the song not only pays homage to their influences but also charts a bold new course in the realm of contemporary music.  “T.A.T.U. has always been one of my biggest influences and this song really showcases that,” explained Jonny McBee.

Available here from FiXT, you can also check out the band’s videos here at RAMzine.

Previous release ‘Eternal (What Do You See?)’ captured elements of electronic-rock/metal, industrial, fusing the genres with synthesisers for an eerie yet gritty soundscape. “This is likely the best, most dynamic yet cohesive song I’ve ever written,” said McBee at the time.

DXD is my dream project. Taking the anthemic synth rock side of The Browning, and giving that sound its own identity is just awesome,” he claimed on forming the band.

“We’re excited to give Jonny (aka The Browning) the creative freedom to build a new sonic world with Death X Destiny. He’s developed a cult-following for The Browning and with iconic songs like ‘Skybreaker’ garnering their own dedicated fanbase, it made sense for him to build a whole project in that direction and allow The Browning to go even heavier. He’s establishing a whole new world for his fans to explore and we’re proud to give him a home to do it,”  said James Rhodes, FiXT’s vice president & co-founder.

Death X Destiny is a really special and unique project that showcases our diversity of sound. The group has elements of synthwave, rock, trance, and metal all rolled into one. They really have a sound that is representative of FiXT’s widely varied roster, which is super cool to me. They are a breath of fresh air in the metal scene and I’m super stoked to see how far we can help this project grow!” said FiXT’s A&R manager Dave Hansen.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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