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Diamond Head to release new album in March

It’s been nine years since Diamond Head released their last studio album, ‘What’s in Your Head?’, and they are now due to release their new, self titled album on March 11th.

Discussion about a new album began after the successful 2014 tours with new singer, Rasmus Andersen, whose energy and vocals re-ignited the band’s enthusiasm for writing new material.
The band agreed that this album should feel like the original records, so crafted a brief that encompassed the iconic elements of Diamond Head’s classic albums Lighting To The Nations and Borrowed Time: driving drums, Brian’s distinctive riffs and lyrics rich with metaphors and imagery.
Rasmus insisted the album should be written traditionally with the whole band jamming in a room together, instead of by the modern method of sharing online transfers between geographically separated members. As a result of this process the band is back in action, ready to tour, and record and continue the Diamond Head legacy.
‘Diamond Head’ will be released on CD, vinyl, limited to 500 copies, as well as digital download. The fans have waited a long time for this and the band hope they will enjoy the new release. A tour is also being planned and the band and look forward to seeing their fans out on the road.

Reg Richardson
Reg Richardson
As a teenager at the end of the 1960's I was listening to Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind, Mountain and Grand Funk Railroad amongst a long list of other rock bands. My first foray into band photography was Hawkwind, 1972-ish at Liverpool Stadium.

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