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Dion for Christmas

Christmas is looming and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame winner and living musical legend Dion isn’t content to rest on his laurels, for following the critically well-received release of his Blues With Friends album he’s bringing out two brand new holiday themed songs as singles.

The new songs, ‘Hello Christmas’ and ‘You Know It’s Christmas’ are out this month through KTBA (Keeping ‘The Blues Alive) Records. And, as with Blues With Friends, the new tracks find Dion joined by top-flight artists in support of his efforts.

‘Hello Christmas’ features backing vocals by six-time Grammy winner Amy Grant while guitarist Joe Bonamassa joins Dion on ‘You Know It’s Christmas’.

The two sides are said to be reflective of the versality Dion has displayed as a multi-format singer and songwriter over the course of a considerably phenomenal career that has spanned seven decades.

Both of the new songs were written by Dion along with Mike Aquilina who co-wrote many of song on Blues With Friends

“I was talking with a friend about how the world this year can use a little life-giving love and harmony,” commented Dion. “I told him that Christmas was the grace that changed my life and that I was looking forward to a shot of that this year.

“The next day I got together with Mike and I picked up the guitar, started singing and words started to flow. Later I was walking with my buddy [and co-writer] Steve Bottari and he started singing along – with some new words. The song just seemed to write itself, a gift to finish off this challenging year.

“From the start I heard Amy Grant’s voice on it; she just sounds like Christmas to me. I sent the track to her and she fell in love with it and added a beautiful counter-melody which makes it really sublime.”

Grant herself reflected: “I was so happy to join my old friend Dion on ‘Hello Christmas’. The song makes me smile every time I hear it.”

“As far as ‘You Know It’s Christmas’ is concerned, Dion commented, “Blues is my home and I wanted to write a Christmas song with that feeling. Mike suggested a brag blues (in the tradition of ‘The Wanderer’) so we thought what would a bluesman brag about at Christmas?  How he bought just the right gift for his girl and how she’s going to love it!  Christmas is all about giving and I think the song catches that vibe perfectly. Joe Bonamassa gave me a great Christmas present by playing lead on it.”

Comments on which Bonamassa himself remarked, “It is always an honour to play alongside Dion, he is a national treasure!”

It’s a matter the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Jeff Beck, Billy Gibbons and Brian Setzer, will tend to agree with, having been among the many stars who contributed to Dion’s Blues With Friends.

You can order the singles by clicking here and check out the lyric videos for both right here on this page at RAMzine.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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